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Ricardo Garcia-Sandoval

This photo was taken three years ago during a mycological foray
with the people of the FCME Herbaria in Tabasco, Mexico,
and yes, believe it or not, what I have around my neck is a snake.

Bio: I earned my PhD in 2005 from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), under the direction of Dr. Joaquín Cifuentes Blanco, at the FCME Herbaria. I have been teaching at UNAM since 1999, in the subjects of fungal biology and systematics.

Research interests: My main interest and background are in the systematics of fungi, classic taxonomy and phylogenetics, with most of my experience in phylogeny of clavarioid fungi using morphological characters. Also with experience on biogeographic analysis of fungal distributions in México. Besides mycology my interests also include phylogenetics theory.

Selected Publications:
García-Sandoval R, Cifuentes J, De Luna E, Estrada-Torres A & Villegas M. 2005. A phylogeny of Ramariopsis and allied taxa. Mycotaxon 94: 265-292. PDF

García-Sandoval R, Cifuentes J. & Villegas M, 2004. Fist record of Scytinopogon from Mexico, with notes on its systematics. Mycotaxon 89: 185-192.

García-Sandoval R, Villegas M. & Cifuentes J, 2002. New records of Ramariopsis from Mexico. Mycotaxon 82: 323-333.