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Brandon Matheny

Brandon Matheny,
Worcester, Massachusetts
Brandon & Tim James,
MSA meeting, Asheville, NC, 2004

Bio: Brandon received a PhD in 2003 from the University of Washington with Drs. Joe Ammirati and Ben Hall. At Clark University Brandon worked on the Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life (AFTOL) project. Brandon will continue to reconstruct the basidiomycete portion of the tree of life as a Co-PI for the phylogenomic proposal “AFTOL2.”

Research interests: Brandon's PhD thesis concerned the taxonomy, phylogeny, and biogeography of the Inocybaceae, a family of ectomycorrhizal mushrooms. During this work, Brandon was the first to employ RNA polymerase II gene sequences for molecular systematics of basidiomycetes. Brandon further developed these and other markers during the AFTOL project, which involved multi-gene phylogenies across the entire spectrum of basidiomycetes. One of the major results of the AFTOL project was the identification of at least five major lineages of Basidiomycota, up from the three that were previously known. Brandon also produced considerable progress in our understanding of evolutionary relationships among the Agaricales, the largest clade of mushroom-forming fungi. During “AFTOL2” Brandon will be responsible for screening up to 75 different genes for 25 exemplars of the Agaricomycotina with the expectation of applying a subset of these genes for phylogenetic reconstruction. Brandon continues taxonomic work in the Agaricales. Since 2003 he has described 15 species and 2 genera of fungi (Auritella, Cleistocybe) as new to science.

Publications (updated February 2008):

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Also see accompanying News and Views piece by Tom Bruns (PDF).

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Alignments, Data Sets and XML Files

Kropp, B. R., Matheny, P. B., Nanagyulyan, S. G., and Sirunyan A. L. Phylogenetic taxonomy of the Inocybe splendens group and the evolution of supersection “Marginatae” (Unpublished). Alignment of rpb1, rpb1-introns2-3, rpb2, and nLSU-rRNA. Dataset here

Matheny, P.B., Aime, M.C., Bougher, N.L., Buyck, B., Desjardin, D.E., Horak, E., Kropp, B.R., Lodge, D.J., Trappe, J.M., and Hibbett, D.S. Out of the paleotropics? Historical biogeographic patterns in the cosmopolitan ectomycorrhizal mushroom family Inocybaceae (Unpublished).
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