Background of "finds" in many sources, especially readable:

Fr. Osborn, Men of the Old Stone Age. 1924. What was believed at the time

K. P. Oakley and J. S. Weiner, Piltdown Man American Scientist, Oct. 1955. Good survey

William A. Clemens, "Fossils of Piltdown" Wealden Mammalian Fossils Palaeontology 1963. Technical article on kinds of fossils found by Dawson, Abbott, et a.

Norman Hammond, Expert views differ on Jesuit's role in the Piltdown Man forgery London Times July 15 1980

Peter Bowler, Review of Piltdown Inquest 1987

J. S. Weiner, Piltdown Hoax: new light 1979. ??

Charles Blinderman, The Piltdown Inquest1987.


Anthropology - context of early 20th century Pre-Piltdown

Wash. Smith: Bedfordshire Primeval Man 1894. Man The Primeval Savage - explains geological history of Gr Britain, Neanderthal, animals, and plant fossils found, his digging in pit, and revelation of forgeries

Edward Ray Lankester The Emeregence of Man 1907. Understnding of the time re human evolution

Allen Brown, "Middlesex Man" Palaeolithic Man in N. W. Middlesex 1887. Geological and geographical description of terrain of flint-makers

Teilhard de Chardin, "Status of Australopithecines" On the Zoological Position and the Evolutionary Significance of Australopithecines New York Academy of Sciences Transactions February 14, 1953

1906 Skull Was Not The Piltdown Find Sussex Express and County Herald 1954

See also pre-Piltdown publications by Lewis Abbott and others


1908 Dawson at pit - workmen give him fossilized pieces of a human skull

The trio - Dawson, Woodward, de Chardin digging at pit. Find skull fragments - parietal, fragment of elephant molar, jaw bone

December Presentation to Geological Society; reconstructed skull with imaginary canine
August Teilhard finds canine tooth; it's much like that fabricated for reconstruction
1914 cricket bat elephant thigh bone found at border of pit
1915 1915 Sheffield Park event

See for Timetable Bowden and Cole and Phillip V. Tobias, An Appraisal of the Case Against Sir Arthur Keith Current AnthropologyJune 1992. Also detailed on fraudulent items in pit.

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