INTRODUCTION to the Piltdown Hoax


Context: General discussion of mistakes, such as that of Scheuzer on Homo diluvii testis, versus frauds.


Dennis Rosen, The Jilting of Athene New Scientist 1968

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The Famous Piltdown Hoax Chemistry October 1969

Oxford English Dictionary on history of the word "Piltdown"

Context: creation-science affection for Piltdown


Alfred McCann, Making the Piltdown Man God-or Gorilla 1922

Gish? on web: Early Man 1992?

Francis Vere, Scientific Enthusiasm at Piltdown, Java and PekinLessons of PiltdownEvolution Protest Movement 1959

M Bowden Missing Link Found! Ape-Men Fact or Fallacy? 1977 A critical examination of the evidence good history of finds and expose` timetable.

Creationism and Creation ScienceInternet very good: science as self-corrective opposed to creationism

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