The Antiquity of Man in Europe Natural Science January 1897

Arthur Keith, Prehistorian and Jeweller Obituary: Mr. Lewis Abbott London Times August 12, 1933. Abbott made "many valuable contributions to the prehistory of England"

H. Dewey, G. S. Obituary QJGS 1934. "If, however, his business suffered, geology and archaeology gained."

R. C. Preece, Alfred Santer Kennard (1870-1948): . "A born collector," Abbott , seldom coming home empty-handed.

3 S. Kennard, Fifty and One Years of the Geologists' Association Proceedings Geological Association 1947

Abbott was a born collector and I once heard E. T. Newton remark: "He is such a man. Put him in Trafalgar Square and he would find fossils in the granite basins."

o Keith Thomson, Piltdown Man: The Great English Mystery Story American Scientist May-June 1991

Dawson, Hinton, de Chardin, like Walsh, mistaken in "Abbott seems to have had no motive," "no alice towards any of the scientists"

John Evangelist Walsh, Return to the Pit Unraveling Piltdown 1996 mistaken in ignoring Abbott's motive ­ see Abbott, skskks ???

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