• John Noble Wilford. Mastermind of Piltdown Hoax Unmasked? (June 1990). Several suspects identified, uncertain about Keith’s involvement

• Allan Ramsay, Surgeon 'was the Piltdown hoaxer" June 6, 1990

Phillip V. Tobias, An Appraisal of the Case Against Sir Arthur Keith 1992. Replies by Bowler and other scientists answered by Tobias

Tobias and K. Kennedy. On Arthur Keith's Cover (1993). Cover of Antiquity of Man

Tobias, Piltdown Unmasked Jan/Feb. 1994

Drew, Paula E. Eighty-one Years Without a Punch Line. 1994

Drew: a funny and useful joke: hostility to this idea in reply by Tobias

 • Frank Spencer, Beyond a reasonable doubt?? 1990

Bernard Campbell, The Piltdown Forgery: Pursuit of the Perpetrator 1991. Spencer’s identification of Keith as hoaxer is "almost convincing"


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