Most English scientists subscribed to theory that Eoanthropus dawsoni was a

legitimate hominid fossil, and most of the English and U. S. press agreed with that.


British 1912-1917

Manchester Guardian: The Earliest Man? REMARKABLE DISCOVERY IN SUSSEX.

A Skull "Millions of Years" Old Manchester Guardian (November 21, 1912)

The Earliest Known Man. Manchester Guardian (November 21, 1912)


STORY OF THE SUSSEX DISCOVERY. Manchester Guardian (December 10, 1912)

A. Irving. The Piltdown Skull Morning Post (January 1914)

geological and geographical

• G. F. Scott Elliot. The First Europeans. Prehistoric Man and His Story (1915)

data on fossil finds throughout Europe

• E. Ray Lankester. The Missing Link Diversions of a Naturalist (1915)

early thorough survey of the finds and significance

Boyd Dawkins. The Missing Link. Manchester Guardian (January 12, 1914)

ape-man possibilities


Palæolithic Man. Nature (December 1912)

A. Irving. The Piltdown Horse "Grinder" Nature (August 1913)

on fossil of piece of horse's head

The Antiquity and Evolution of Man. Nature (October 1913)

Nature reviews of four pertinent books — European critics

The Piltdown Skull. Nature (Sept. 1913)

on Woodward talk

Geological Society, December 2. Nature (December 1914)

elephant femur find

Nature re. Boule. Nature (June 1915)

Boule: incompleteness of Piltdown finds

Nature re. Critics Nature (June 1916)

Miller, Waterston, Lyne

A. F. Dixon. Note on the fragment of the lower jaw from Piltdown

Nature (July 1917)

claims that jaw is much more (primitive) human- than ape-like

Nature re. Dixon. Nature (July 1917)

A Palæolithic Skull. First Evidence of a New Human Type The Times (Dec. 1912)

J. Reid Moir. The Piltdown Skull The Times (Dec. 1912)

what was found in the pit

• J. Reid Moir. The Fossil Bones of Early Man The Antiquity of Man in East Anglia (1927)

Java and Heildelberg

The Oldest Human Fossil. Dublin Daily Express (August 1913)

The Sussex Skull Hastings and St. Leonards Observe. (February 1913)

a comical rendition

T. E. Nuttall. The Piltdown Skull Man (May 1917)

on "the already bulky mass of literature dealing with this skull

• W. P. Pycraft. The Most Ancient Inhabitant of England:

``the Newly-Found Sussex Man The Illustrated London News (Dec. 1912)

comparison - discussion with illustrations - of Piltdown jaw with jaws of chimpanzee, Heidelberg, and humans

• Pycraft. Ape-Man or Modern Man? The Two Piltdown Skull Reconstructions The Illustrated London News (Sept. 1913)

same point with more discussion and illustrations

• Pycraft. The Jaw of the Piltdown Man: A Reply to Mr. Gerrit S. Miller

Science Progress (1917)

argues against Miller’s claim that jaw is that of chimpanzee See Gerrit S. Miller

U.S. Favorable Reception: 1912-1917

Pleistocene Skull Found in England New York Times (Nov. 1912)

Paleolithic Skull Is a Missing Link. New York Times (Dec. 1912)

Man Had Reason before He Spoke. New York Times (Dec. 1912)

Darwin Theory Is Proved True. New York Times (Dec. 1912)

England’s Most Ancient Inhabitant. American Review of Reviews (1913)

An English Ape-Man. The Literary Digest (1913)

• William King Gregory. Dawn Man of Piltdown Was He One of the Missing Links? Scientific American Supplement (1914)

comprehensive survey with excellent illustrations

American Museum Journal (1914)

favorable, but: "may represent a deliberate hoax"

duplicates Sc. Amer. paper

• William King Gregory. Note on the Molar Teeth of the Piltdown Mandible

American Anthropologist (1916)

on approval and disapproval of scientists re. unity of jaw and skull

W. D. Matthew. Recent Progress in Vertebrate Paleontology Science (1916)

George Grant MacCurdy. The Man of Piltdown Science (1922)

George Grant MacCurdy. The Revision of Eoanthropus Dawsoni

Science (1916)

Favorable Reception: 1918-1953

The Piltdown Man Discovery. Unveiling of a Monolith Memorial Nature (July 30, 1938)

Nature reporting Keith memorializing of pit

• H. J. Osborne White. Ouse Basin The Geology of the Country near Lewes

Memoirs of the Geological Survey England (1926)

chart of Piltdown terrace and river Ouse

E. Cecil Curwen. The Piltdown Discoveries The Archaeology of Sussex


chart of geological history

Francis H. Edmunds. Note on the Gravel Deposit from which the Piltdown Skull was Obtained Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society (1950)





George Grant MacCurdy. Piltdown Man Human Origins: (1924)

on accord of scientists such as Grafton Elliot Smith

A. G. Haddon. Eoanthropus dawsoni Science (1913)

Henry Fairfield Osborn. Piltdown, et al. Men of the Old Stone Age (3rd ed. 1924)

chart of hominid finds, evolutionary tree

• Osborn. Eoanthropus: The Dawn Man of Piltdown, Sussex Man Rises to Parnassus (1928)

Ales Hrdlicka. The Piltdown Jaw American Journal of Physical Anthropology (1922)

Earnest Hooton. Dame Eoanthropus: The First Female Intellectual

Up From the Ape (1931)

Francis Edmunds. Note on the Gravel Deposit from which the Piltdown Skull was Obtained Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society (1950)

a late (1950) assumption of authenticity

Ashley Montague. The Barcombe Mills Cranial Remains. Amer J of Phys Anthro ??

• Ruth Moore. Oakley, Fluorine and the Age of Early Man Man, Time and Fossils: The Story of Evolution (1953)

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