Geological Society Papers

The "discoveries" of what had actually been fabricated and planted were reported to

the Geological Society of London in four papers, delivered by two or all three

of the major investigators: Charles Dawson, Arthur Smith Woodward, and Elliot



On the Discovery of a Palæolithic Human Skull and Mandible. (1913)

Dawson, Woodward, and Elliot Smith, talk delivered Dec. 1912 at Geological Society on first finds

Supplementary Note on the Discovery (1914)

Dawson, Woodward and Elliot Smith on finds of 1913:

On a Bone Implement from Piltdown (Sussex) (1914)

Dawson and Woodward on the last find from the pit, an implement made from an elephant femur to look like a cricket bat

Fourth Note on the Piltdown Gravel (1917)

Woodward and Elliot Smith on "evidence of a second skull" at Sheffield Park


Relevant publications by


Charles Dawson

The Piltdown Skull. (Eoanthropus dawsoni ). (1913)

The "Restoratios" of the Bayeux Tapestry. (1907)

Prehistoric Remains. History of Hastings Castle (1909)


Arthur Smith Woodward.

Note on the Piltdown Man. (1913)

Woodward, Sherborne Horse's Head. et al. Letters to Nature   (1926)

The Second Piltdown Skull. (1933)

The Earliest Englishman. (1948)

B.B. G[ardiner] . Lady Smith Woodward's tablecloth. (1987)

+ letter from George Gaylord Simpson history of this tablecloth and of the hoax, with suggestions on suspects

On an Apparently Palæolithic Engraving. (1914)

Woodward on find of a horse's head, which was probably another hoax he fell for

C. B. Stringer, et al. Solution for the Sherborne Problem (1995)

not by Woodward, but relevant to this event - fake a recent one

On the Lower Jaw of an Anthropoid Ape [Dryopithecus].

Woodward providing background with description of a fossil primate (1914)

Keith, Smith, Woodward, Duckworth on The Fossil Anthropoid Ape from Taungs. (1925)

The Second Piltdown Skull. letter to Nature (1933)

The Earliest Englishman in its entirety (1948)



Lewis Abbott

This CD-ROM presents the only (though partial) anthology of Lewis Abbott publications.

The Section Exposed in the Foundations of the New Admiralty Offices. (1892)

Plateau Man in Kent. (1894 )

The New Oban Cave. (1895)

"diminutive Forms of Flint Implements from Hastings Kitchen Midden and Sevenoaks."

Worked Flints from the Cromer Forest Bed. (1897).

Primeval Refuse Heaps at Hastings. 2 parts, (1897)

On the Classification of the British Stone Age Industries (1911)

Pre-Historic Man: The Newly-Discovered Link in His Evolution. (1913)

The Piltdown Skull. Letter to the Editor of the Morning Post (1914)

The Discovery of British Palaeoglyphs 1914.

Abbott Letters

includes letter ( n.d.) from Ian Langham and 1981 and 1984 letters from Glyn Daniel

to C. Blinderman


Barlow ?


W. Ruskin Butterfield

Folk-names for Marine Fishes and Other Animals at Hastings. Hastings and St. Leonards Observer ( August 1913)


Teilhard de Chardin

The Case of Piltdown Man. (1920)

Status of Australopithecines. On the Zoological Position and the Evolutionary

Significance of Australopithecines (1953)

other hominds, but no mention of Piltdown

The Idea of Fossil Man Kroeber, A. L. (1953). Only one very quick mention of Piltdown

K. Oakley and T. de Chardin. L'Oeuvre Scientique (1971)

correspondence between Kenneth Oakley and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin on Teilhard’s remembering Piltdown case, includes letter from K. Oakley to C. Blinderman


Arthur Conan Doyle

Challenger and Other Fossils. The Lost World (1912)


J. T. Hewitt

Note on the Natural Gas at Healthfield Station (1898)


Martin A. C. Hinton

The Pleistocene Mammalia of the British Isles and Their Bearing upon the Date of the Glacial Period Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society (1926)

Piltdown mentioned in paper read before British Association on Pleistocene mammals

Arthur Keith

• 1913 debate in Nature between Elliot Smith and Arthur Keith:

Smith: The Piltdown Skull (October 2 ) + Keith: The Piltdown Skull and Brain Cast (October 16) + Smith. (October 30) + Keith (November 6) + Smith (November 13) + Keith (November 20). With article by Waterston disputing both.

Royal Anthropological Institute. Nature (Oct 1914)

Keith vs ASW on skull

The Significance of the Discovery at Piltdown. Bedrock: A Quarterly Journal of Scientific Thought . (1914)

Keith on Reconstruction. Nature (October 1914)

Review of Osborn Men of the Old Stone Age Man (1917)

Osborn "at sea as regards the discovery at Piltdown" because he believes skull is human but jaw chimpanzee

The Antiquity of Piltdown. Antiquity of Man (1925 ed)

Keith, Smith, Woodward, Duckworth on The Fossil Anthropoid Ape from Taugns. Nature (1925)

Revival of the Piltdown Controversy New Discoveries Relating to the Antiquity of Man (1931)

The Piltdown Man Discovery Unveiling of a Monolith Memorial Nature (1938)

Australopithecinae or Dartians. Nature (1947)

recommends "Dartian" rather than "Australopithicine" for fossil hominid

Piltdown Man: a Re-examination. Nature (1938) comment on Keith

Piltdown Recollections. An Autobiography (1950)


Grafton Elliot Smith

Presidential Address 1912 (September 1912)

• 1913 debate in Nature between Elliot Smith and Arthur Keith:

Smith: The Piltdown Skull (October 2 ) + Keith: The Piltdown Skull and Brain Cast (October 16) + Smith,. (October 30) + Keith, (November 6) + Smith,. (November 13) + Keith, (November 20). With article disputing both by Waterston.

The Cranial Cast of the Piltdown Skull. (September 1916)

The Problem of the Piltdown Jaw: Human or Sub-Human? (1917)

• Primitive Man The Evolution of Man (1924) + The Origin of Man

Keith, Smith, Woodward, Duckworth on The Fossil Anthropoid Ape from Taugns, (1925)

The Discovery of the Men of Heidelberg and Piltdown

The Search for Man's Ancestors (1931)

Human Palæontology (1931)

on Smith talks:

Literary and Philosophical Society (December 1913)

Royal Society, February 19 (February 1914)

Literary and Philosophical Society (March 1916)

Man of the Dawn How Our Ancestors Live. Professor Elliot Smith in Sydney

(July 1914)

The Piltdown Skull. (1922 )

Smith on new reconstruction of skull showing it aligns with cranium






W.J. Sollas

Ancient Piltdown. Ancient Hunters and their Modern Represenatives.. (1924 3rd ed.)

A. G. Thacker. Science Progress in the Twentieth Century

Human Palæontology and Anthropology (1915)

Woodward. Sherborne Horse's Head. Letter to Nature   (January 1926) answered by W. J. Sollas + C. J. Bayzand. The Palæolithic Drawing of a Horse from Sherborne, Dorset + R. Elliot Steel. Drawing of a Horse from Sherborne

+ E. A. Ross Jefferson. Letter on Sherborne Horse's Head.

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