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BIOL 137 Cell Biology

The cell as a functional unit is discussed from the molecular level to the whole cell. Included are introductions to the biochemistry and metabolic roles of some of the molecules and macromolecules that are found in cells. Also discussed are the evolution, structure, and function of the various subcellular organelles and the cytoskeleton. Emphasis is placed on understanding the molecular mechanisms behind cell physiology and the experimental methods used to determine those mechanisms. Prerequisites: Biology 101 and 102.

BIOL 221, 321 Developmental Biology

Considers the fundamentals of development from the molecular level up to the organismal. Emphasis is placed on the major animal model systems. Lecture, laboratory. Prerequisites: Biology 137 or permission.

BCMB 131 Recombinant DNA

A lab-oriented course designed to introduce recombinant DNA methodology. Students undertake a semester-long project. Prerequisite: BIOL 118 or permission.

BIOL 234, 334 Signal Transduction

An advanced course exploring the various molecular and biochemical pathways through which cells communicate with themselves and the extracellular environment. Topics include protein phosphorylation, G-proteins, phospholipid metabolism, the action of oncogenes, and several signalling pathways. Both lectures and student presentations of papersculled from current literature. Lecture. Prerequisite: Biology 137 or 271 or permission.

BIOL 238, 338 Seminar in Cell Biology

Discussion based on research papers from the current literature, will be focused on an area in cell biology selected by the participants on the first day. The weekly readings will be selected by both the students and the faculty member. The scientific content, as well as the methodology will be discussed in detail. Prerequisites: Biology 137 or permission.

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