Faculty Biography

Magda Tsaneva

Magda Tsaneva, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Economics
Department of Economics
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Office: Jonas Clark Hall room 119
Phone: (508) 793-7185

Email: mtsaneva@clarku.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Tsaneva received a B.A. from Colby College in 2007 and a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 2015.  She has been at Clark since 2015.

Current Research and Teaching

Dr. Tsaneva is an applied microeconomist with a focus on development economics.  Her research examines how various government policies and unexpected shocks impact mental health, early marriage/pregnancy, and child education.  She teaches courses on development economics, policy evaluation, principles of macroeconomics, and statistics.

Selected Publications

Balakrishnan, U., Tsaneva, M., (2021), "Air Pollution and Academic Performance:  Evidence from India," World Development. 146 (October).

Gunes, P., Tsaneva, M. (2021) "Labor Market Conditions and Adult Health in Mexico," Accepted at Canadian Journal of Economics.

Tsaneva, M., O'Donoghue, A. (2021), "The Effect of a Large-Scale Workfare Program on Child Marriage in India," Forthcoming in Oxford Development Studies.

Tsaneva, M., Balakrishnan, U. (2021), "Local Labor Markets and Child Learning Outcomes in India," The B. E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy. 21(2):723-750.

Tsaneva, M. (2020), "The Effect of Weather Variability on Child Marriage in Bangladesh," Journal of International Development. 32(8):1346-1359.

Gunes, P., Tsaneva, M. (2020), "The Effects of Teenage Childbearing on Education, Physical Health, and Mental Distress: Evidence from Mexico," Journal of Demographic Economics. 86:183-206.

 Gunes, P., Tsaneva, M. (2020), "The Effect of Violent Crime on Teenage Pregnancy in Mexico". Review of Economics of the Household. 18(1):141-164.