Faculty Biography

Kathryn Madden - Clark University

Kathryn Madden, AICP

Visiting Lecturer
International Development, Community, and Environment Department
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Email: kmadden@clarku.edu
Phone: 508-793-8846

Education and Academic Experience

Ms. Madden received a Master of City Planning and a Master of Science in Architectural Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has a B.A. in Geography from the University of Southern Maine. She previously taught urban planning studios at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and was the lead faculty in urban planning and urban design for Harvard’s Career Discovery program. She has been teaching in the Community Development and Planning program at Clark University since 2013.

Professional Experience

Ms. Madden has been working with cities and institutions to shape their future development for over 25 years. Her research and practice focus on the regeneration of urban districts and the role of the community in defining and implementing change. Her experience has largely been in the struggling "legacy" cities of the United States, working on complex projects in downtowns, industrial districts, institutional campuses, waterfronts, and neighborhoods.

The foundation of this work is to involve all stakeholders, reaching out to include underrepresented populations as well as elected public officials, industry and civic leaders, institutions, special interest groups, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and others. Navigating a wide range of political interests, she works to find shared interests and build partnerships that result in implementation. Her district plans have led to significant new investment, coordinated between public, private, and institutional sectors in cities across the United States. She was a principal at Sasaki Associates, before launching her own practice.

Research Interests

In recent years, her research interests have turned to the challenges of creating a dynamic, sustainable economy in postindustrial cities, addressing the roles of identity and equity in economic development. Ms. Madden also researches and advices on governance structures to build organizations that will sustain community and economic development initiatives over the long term. Recent projects have involved research on immigrant retail districts, manufacturing and other industry clusters, collaborative work spaces, university-city interface, and medical districts.

Publications and Presentations

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Excellence Award, American Society of Landscape Architects, Providence 2020 Downtown Investment Strategy, 2006 (with Sasaki).

Merit Award, Boston Society of Landscape Architects; Providence 2020 Downtown Investment Strategy, 2006 (with Sasaki).

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