Faculty Biography

Amir Aazami

Amir Babak Aazami, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone: (508) 793-7449
Email: aaazami@clarku.edu


Amir Babak Aazami obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Duke University in 2011. He arrived at Clark in 2016, after a postdoctoral fellowship at the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (IPMU), University of Tokyo, Japan.

Current Research and Teaching

Professor Aazami's research area is in Lorentzian geometry, which is the geometry underlying Einstein's theory of gravity, and its interactions with other geometries within mathematics, in particular Riemannian and Kähler geometry. He also studies gravitational lensing, which is the bending of light by gravity.

He has taught a variety of courses at Clark, including Honors Calculus, Measure Theory, and a new course on Quantitative Finance which he designed and introduced.

Selected Publications

"Canonical Kähler metrics on classes of Lorentzian 4-manifolds," with Gideon Maschler, Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry 57 (2020)

"Kähler metrics via Lorentzian geometry in dimension four," with Gideon Maschler, Complex Manifolds 7 (2020)

"Magnification cross sections for the elliptic umbilic caustic surface," with Arlie O. Petters and Charles R. Keeton, Universe 5 (2019)

"On the principal Ricci curvatures of a Riemannian 3-manifold," with Charles M. Melby-Thompson, Advances in Geometry 19 (2019)

"Symplectic 4-manifolds via Lorentzian geometry." Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 145 (2017)

"The geometry of gravitational lensing magnification," with Marcus C. Werner, Journal of Geometry and Physics 100 (2016)

"Penrose’s singularity theorem in a Finsler spacetime," with Miguel Angel Javaloyes, Classical & Quantum Gravity 33 (2016)

"Blowup solutions of Jang’s equation near a spacetime singularity," with Graham Cox, Classical & Quantum Gravity 31 (2014)