Faculty Biography

James T. Murphy

Amber Murrey, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor
International Development and Social Change (IDCE)
10 Hawthorne Street, Room 41
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone: 508-421-3839
Email: amurrey@clarku.edu

Personal Website

Amber Murrey researches and writes on transformations of life and place amidst structural, development and colonial violence(s); the dynamics of social and political resistance and co-optations of that resistance by state and corporate actors; and hegemonic and counterhegemonic intellectual practices and knowledge paradigms. Her Ph.D. research on oil politics and resistance in Central Africa as well as her collaborative work on the Pan-African legacy and philosophies of Thomas Sankara is shaped by a decolonial impetus and conviction that scholarship be active, attentive, accessible, decolonized. Amber completed her PhD dissertation, Lifescapes of a Pipedream: A Decolonial Mixtape of Structural Violence & Resistance Along the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline, at Boston College, where she was the 2014/15 African and African Diaspora Studies Dissertation Write-Up Fellow.

Amber has held academic posts at Boston College and Clark University in the US as well as Jimma University in Ethiopia. She has a PhD in Geography and the Environment from the University of Oxford and a MA in Pan-African Studies from Syracuse University.

Research Interests/Specialization

Resistance, Social Change, Resource Extraction, Rural Livelihoods, Ideologies of Race in Development, Gendering Development, Race, Gender and Geography in Global Knowledge Paradigms, and Decolonizing Pedagogies and Curriculums.

Current Research & Teaching

While a Visiting Assistant Professor at Clark, Amber will be teaching Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Ideologies of Race in Development, Qualitative Research Methods, and an innovative new course that she has designed, Beyond Tokenism: Indigenizing, Feminizing, Queering Development.



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Edited Special Editions

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Commentary & Invited Pieces

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