Faculty Biography

Jody Emel

Lyndon Estes, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Graduate School of Geography
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Office: Room 201, Jefferson Academic Center
Phone: (508)-793-7531

Agricultural Impacts Research Group
Mapping Africa

I am an environmental scientist who investigates the drivers and impacts of agricultural change, with a particular focus on Africa. I use new Earth Observation technologies and a range of modeling techniques, and work within inter-disciplinary projects that involve economists, agronomists, human geographers, decision scientists, hydrologists, climatologists, and computer scientists.   

Prior to joining Clark, I worked as a research scientist in Princeton University's School of Public and International Affairs and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Before my academic career, I worked as a protected area manager and environmental consultant in Southern Africa.  

I hold a BA in English from Georgetown University, an MPhil in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town, and a PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia.

Courses Offered

GEOG 110/311: Introduction to Quantitative Methods
GEOG 246/346: Geospatial Analysis with R
GEOG 287/387: New Methods in Earth Observation
DSCI 215/GEOG 315: Applying Deep Learning to Earth Observation

Selected Publications

Song, L., Estes, A.B. & Estes, L.D. (2023) A super-ensemble approach to map land cover types with high resolution over data-sparse African savanna landscapes. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 116, 103152.

Xiong, S., Baltezar, P., Crowley, M.A., Cecil, M., Crema, S.C., Baldwin, E., Cardille, J.A. & Estes, L. (2022) Probabilistic tracking of annual cropland changes over large, complex agricultural landscapes using Google Earth Engine. Remote Sensing, 14, 4896.

Estes, L.D., Ye, S., Song, L., Luo, B., Eastman, J.R., Meng, Z., Zhang, Q., McRitchie, D., Debats, S.R., Muhando, J., Amukoa, A.H., Kaloo, B.W., Makuru, J., Mbatia, B.K., Muasa, I.M., Mucha, J., Mugami, A.M., Mugami, J.M., Muinde, F.W., Mwawaza, F.M., Ochieng, J., Oduol, C.J., Oduor, P., Wanjiku, T., Wanyoike, J.G., Avery, R.B. & Caylor, K.K. (2022) High resolution, annual maps of field boundaries for smallholder-dominated croplands at national scales. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, 4, 744863.