Faculty Biography

Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara (Hamid)

Assistant Professor
Information Management & Business Analytics
Director of Business Edge Technologies Lab

School of Management
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Email: hamid@clarku.edu
Phone: 786-505-9505

PhD, Industrial Engineering, Auburn University, 2019
MS, Information Systems Management, Auburn University, 2019
MS, Industrial Engineering, Auburn University, 2016
MS, Civil-Transportation Engineering, W. Michigan University, 2014
BSc, Operation & Management Engineering, IUST Tehran, Iran, 2008

Research Interests

Applications of Artificial Intelligence & High Tech. in Business, including: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Healthcare

Teaching Courses

Visual Analytics & Business Intelligence

Advanced Big Data Computing & Programming

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Recent Publications/Presentations

Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara, Eyyub Kibis, Musa Calgar, Ali Dag, Gelareh Ahadi Dolatsara, Dursun Delen. “An interpretable decision-support systems for daily cryptocurrency trading” Expert Systems With Applications (2022): 117409.

Farnoush, Alireza, Ashish Gupta, Hamidreza Ahady Dolarsara, David Paradice, and Shashank Rao. "Going beyond intent to adopt Blockchain: an analytics approach to understand board member and financial health characteristics." Annals of Operations Research (2021): 1-31.

Ahady Dolatsara, Hamidreza, Ying-Ju Chen, Robert D. Leonard, Fadel M. Megahed, and L. Allison Jones-Farmer. "Explaining Predictive Model Performance: An Experimental Study of Data Preparation and Model Choice." Big Data (2021).

Yucel, Ahmet, Musa Caglar, Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara, Benjamin George, and Ali Dag. "Predicting hotel reviews from sentiment: a multinomial classification framework." Journal of Modelling in Management (2021).

Ahady Dolatsara, Hamidreza, Ying-Ju Chen, Christy Evans, Ashish Gupta, and Fadel M. Megahed. "A two-stage machine learning framework to predict heart transplantation survival probabilities over time with a monotonic probability constraint." Decision Support Systems (2020): 113363.

Golilarz, Noorbakhsh Amiri, Mirpouya Mirmozaffari, Tayyebeh Asgari Gashteroodkhani, Liaqat Ali, Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara, Azam Boskabadi, and Mohammad Yazdi. "Optimized Wavelet-based Satellite Image De-noising with Multi-population differential evolution-assisted Harris Hawks Optimization Algorithm." IEEE Access (2020).

Mirmozaffari, Mirpouya, Maziar Yazdani, Azam Boskabadi, Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara, Kamyar Kabirifar, and Noorbakhsh Amiri Golilarz. "A Novel Machine Learning Approach Combined with Optimization Models for Eco-Efficiency Evaluation." Applied Sciences 10, no. 15 (2020): 5210.

Mirmozaffari, Mirpouya, Azam Boskabadi, Gohar Azeem, Reza Massah, Elahe Boskabadi, Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara, and Ata Liravian. "Machine learning Clustering Algorithms Based on the DEA Optimization Approach for Banking System in Developing Countries." European Journal of Engineering Research and Science 5, no. 6 (2020): 651-658.

Ali Aranizadeh, Mehrzad Kazemi, Homayoun Barahmandpour, and Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara. "AHP Decision Making Algorithm for Development of HVDC and EHVAC in Developing Countries." European Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 4, no. 3 (2020).

Ahady Dolatsara, Hamidreza, Jun-Seok OH, and Valerian Kwigizile. "Analysis of Influential Range for Intersection Crashes." Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies 12 (2017): 2333-2344.

Conference Papers & Presentations

Shuyu Zhang, Zejian Wu, Yan Shi, Chenhao You, Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara; “Investigating Potential Bias And Discrimination In The Development Of A Typical AI Platform For Heart Transplantation” (INFORMS Conference presentation, Virtual, 2020).

Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara1, Fadel Mounir Megahed, Ying-Ju Tessa Chen, “Current Challenges in Development of a Survival Analysis Data Mining Study” (INFORMS Conference presentation, Seattle-USA, 2019).

Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara1, Fadel Mounir Megahed, Ying-Ju Tessa Chen, Richard Sesek, John Evans, Ashish Gupta, “Improving Non-monotonicity Issues in Predicting Survival Probability of Transplant Patients” (INFORMS Conference presentation, Phoenix-USA, 2018).

Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara, Ashish Gupta, David Paradice. “Identifying Long Term Organizational Well Being”, (INFORMS Conference presentation Phoenix-USA, 2018).

Alireza Farnoush, Ashish Gupta, Dolatsara Ahady Hamidreza, David Paradice, “Identifying Indicators of Blockchain Adoption”, (INFORMS Conference presentation Phoenix-USA, 2018).

Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara, Fadel Mounir Megahed, Ali Dag, Ying-Ju Chen, “Development of a Dynamic Tool for Continuous Survival Analysis Transplant Survivor”, (INFORMS Conference presentation, Houston-USA, 2017).

Bin Weng, Hamidreza Dolatsara, Fadel Mounir Megahed, “Stock Market Movement Prediction Using Disparate Data Sources: A Probabilistic Prediction Model”. (INFORMS Conference presentation, Nashville-USA, 2016).

Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara, Ali Dag, Bin Weng, Fadel Mounir Megahed, “Developing A Dynamic Tool for Transplant Survival Analysis”. (INFORMS Conference presentation, Nashville-USA, 2016).

Hamidreza Ahady Dolatsara, Fadel Mounir Megahed, “A Machine Learning Approach for Developing Intersection Safety Performance Function”. (INFORMS Conference presentation, Nashville-USA, 2016).