Faculty Biography

Dr. Mark M. Turnbull

Mark M. Turnbull

Synthetic Chemistry

Professor of Chemistry
Carlson School of Chemistry
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Office: S307, Sackler Sciences Center
Phone: 508-793-7167
E-mail: mturnbull@clarku.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Professor Turnbull served as a visiting lecturer at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ in 1995, and as a visiting professor at the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain in 2001-2002.


Ph.D. Brandeis University, 1987
M.S. University of New Hampshire, 1984
B.S. University of New Hampshire, 1978

Current Research

Our research lies in the preparation of new materials and is focused in two areas.

Molecular Magnetism
Over the last two decades, a new field of research has emerged called molecular magnetism. The guiding principle is to use our understanding of structure, bonding and geometry to control the bulk magnetic properties of a material at the molecular level. This is highly interdisciplinary work and involves teams of collaborating organic and inorganic chemists, theoreticians and condensed matter physicists (our group works in collaboration with that of Prof. Christopher Landee in the Physics Dept. as well as several groups around the world, including Spain, Germany, Great Britain and New Zealand).

Low-dimensional Antiferromagnets
The copper oxide-based high temperature superconductors have introduced a new era to the field of conducting materials, but the mechanism of their superconductivity is still not well understood. One theory suggests that the mechanism of the electrical superconductivity is relted to the mechanism of magnetic super-exchange in these compounds. We are working to prepare structurally related complexes which have more moderate ordering tempertures as models for these systems and others where the magnetic interactions are not principally propagatged in 3-dimensions. Of special interests are those materials where the magnetic interactions are not strictly one- or two-dimensional in nature, but whose topology may be described as inter-dimensional, such as ladders, honeycombs and rectangles. We have recently succeeded in preparing a large family of the best examples of magnetic ladders known (at right) and experiments are in progress to determine their properties and whether doping the systems will generate superconducting materials as predicted by theory.

Selected Publications

202)  Kono, Y.; Sakakibara, T.; Aoyama, C.P.; Hotta, C.; Turnbull, M.M.; Landee, C.P. Takano, Y. Phys. Rev. Lett., 2015, 114, 037202/1-5.  “Field-Induced Quantum Criticality and Universal Temperature Dependence of the Magnetization of a Spin-1/2 Heisenberg Chain”

203) †Forman, R.L.*; Gale, A.J.*; Landee, C.P.; Turnbull, M.M.; Wikaira, J.L. Polyhedron 2015, 89, 76-84. “Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of copper(II) complexes of 2-amino-5-trifluoromethyl pyridine (5-TFMAP): (5-TFMAP)2CuX2,( X = Cl or Br),  (5-TFMAP)3CuBr2 and [(5-TFMAP)2CuBr2](5-TFMAPH)Br”

204) †Bellesis, A.G.*; Landee, C.P.; Polson, M.; Turnbull, M.M.; Wikaira, J.L. Eur. Chem. Bull. 2015, 4, 110-16. “Serendipitous Synthesis of a Cu(OAc)2 complex VIA CuCl2 Catalyzed Oxidation of 2-butanone:  Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Magnetic     Behavior  of  (5-NAP)2(CH3COO)4Cu2?nH2O (n = 0  and  2)     (5-NAP=2-amino-5-nitropyridine)”

205) Awwadi, F.F.; Willett, R.D.; Twamley, B.; Turnbull, M.M.; Landee, C.P. Cryst. Growth Des. 2015, 15, 3746-54. “The Dual Behavior of Bromine Atoms in Supramolecular Chemistry; The Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of Two Copper(II) Coordination Polymers.”

206)  †Hobson, A.D.; Konopacki, D.; Shortsleeves, K.C.#; Turnbull, M.M.; Wikaira, J.L. Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2015, 5453-63. "Lewis Acid Catalyzed Cyclizations of Epoxidized Baylis–Hillman Products: A Straightforward Synthesis of Octahydro­ benzo[e]azulenes"

207) Ozerov, M.; Maksymenko, M.; Wosnitza, J.; Honecker, A.; Landee, C.P.; Turnbull, M.M.; Furuya, S.C.; Giamarchi, T.; Zvyagin, S.A. Phys. Rev. B-Rapid Commun. 2015, 92, 241113(R) (1-5). “ESR modes in a Strong-Leg Ladder in the Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid Phase”

208) †Wikaira, J.L.; Butcher, R.J.; Kersen, U.; Turnbull, M.M., J. Coord. Chem. 2016, 69, 57-71.  “Magnetic properties of 4,4’-bipiperidinediium tetrahalocuprates:  Crystal structures of 4,4’-bipiperidinediium tetrabromocuprate(II) monohydrate and bis(4,4’-bipiperidinediium) hexabromodicuprate(I)”

209) O’Neal, K.R.; Zhou, J.; Cherian, J.G.; Turnbull, M.M.; Landee, C.P. Jena, P.; Liu, Z.; Musfeldt, J. L. Phys. Rev. B. 2016, 93, 104409(1-5). “High pressure properties of the S=1/2 quasi-one-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnet copper pyrazine dinitrate”

210) †Monk, M.C.*; Landee, C.P.; Turnbull, M.M.; Wikaira, J.L. Eur. Chem. Bull. 2016, 5, 54-59. “Synthesis, Structure and magnetic properties of a copper (II) complex of 5-nitro-2-hydroxypyridine and pyrazine: [Cu(5-NO2 -2-HOPY)(pz)2(H2O)] (ClO4)2?H2O”

211) Lada, Z.G.; Beobide, A.S.; Savvidou, A.; Raptopoulou, C.P.; Psycharis, V.; Voyiatzis, G.A.; Turnbull, M.M.; Perlepes, S.P. Dalton Trans. 2017, 46, 260-74.  "A unique copper(II)-assisted transformation of acetylacetone dioxime in acetone that leads to one-dimensional, quinoxaline-bridged coordination polymers"

212) Möller, J.S.; Lancaster, T.; Blundell, S.J.; Pratt, F.L.; Baker, P.J.; Xiao, F.; Williams, R.C; Hayes, W.; Turnbull, M.M.; Landee, C.P. Phys. Rev. B – Rapid Comm. 2017, 95, 020402(R) (1-5). “Universal scaling of local spin correlations in a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid probed with μ+SR”

213) †Krasinski, C.A.*; Solomon, B.L.*; Awwadi, F.F.; Landee, C.P.; Turnbull, M.M.; Wikaira, J.L. J. Coord. Chem. 2017, 70, 914-35.  "Copper(II) halide salts and complexes of 4-amino-2-fluoropyridine: Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties"

214) Vela, S.; Reardon, M.B.#; Jakobsche, C.E.; Turnbull, M.M.; Ribas-Arino, J.; Novoa, J.J.  Chem. Eur. J. 2017, 23, 3479-89. “Bistability in organic magnetic materials. A comparative study of the key differences between hysteretic and non-hysteretic spin transitions in dithiazolyl radicals“

215) Dgachi, S.; Saïd, S.; Naïli, H.; Monroe, J.C.#; Turnbull, M.M. J. Alloys and Comp. 2017, 709. 356-61. “Magneto-structural correlations in a Bromo-Bridged Dimer: Structural and Magnetic Characterizations of novel Copper(II) cluster constructed from an unusual planar seesaw geometry.”

216) Hong, T.; Qiu, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Tennant, D.A.; Coester, K.; Schmidt, K.P; Awwadi, F.F.; Turnbull, M.M.; Agarwal, H.; Chernyshev, A.L. Nature Comm. 2017, 8, 15148(1-8). “Field-induced spontaneous quasiparticle decay and renormalization of quasiparticle dispersion in a quantum antiferromagnet”

217) †Herringer, S.N.#; Landee, C.P.; Turnbull, M.M.; Ribas-Ariño, J.; Novoa, J.J.; Polson, P.; Wikaira, J.L Inorg. Chem. 2017, 56, 5441-54. "Ferromagnetic Exchange in Bichloride Bridged Cu(II) Chains: Magnetostructural correlations between ordered and disordered systems"

218) Hong, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Qiu, Y.; Chen, W.; Gentile, T.; Watson, S.; Awwadi, F.F.; Turnbull, M.M.; Dissanayake, S.E.; Agrawal, H.; Toft-Petersen, R.; Klemke, B.; Coester, K.; Schmidt, K.P.; Tennant, D.A. Nature Physics 2017, 13, 638-42. “Higgs amplitude mode in a two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnet near the quantum critical point.”

Accepted/In Press

219) Dgachi, S.; Ben Salaha, A.M.; Turnbull, M.M.; Naïli, H. submitted for publication in J. Alloys Cmpds. “Investigations on (C6H9N2)2[MIIBr4] halogenometallate complexes with MII = Co, Cu and Zn: Crystal structure, thermal behavior and magnetic properties.”

* Clark Undergraduate Student Co-author
# Clark Graduate Student Co-author
& High School Student conducting research at Clark