Faculty Biography

Keith Coulter

Professor of Marketing
School of Management
Clark University

E-mail: kcoulter@clarku.edu
Phone: 508-793-7749

Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Coulter

Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Research Interests

Behavioral pricing, which involves examining the influence of psychological and subjective factors (e.g., location of a price on a page) on numerical perceptions.

Teaching Courses

Marketing Strategy
Consumer Behavior
Advertising and Promotion
Services Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Key Publications/Presentations

Coulter, Keith S. (2016) "How Hand Proximity Impacts Consumer Responses to a Persuasive Communication," Psychology and Marketing, 33 (2), 135-149.

Coulter, Keith S. and Suri, Ranjneesh, "On Musical Meter and Numerical Preferences: How the Auditory Subitizing of Musical Time Signature Impacts Number Predilection," submitted to the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS), April 2016.

Coulter, Keith S. and Suri, Ranjneesh, "On Melodic Contour and Number Preferences: How Musical Melody Impacts Number Predilection," submitted to the Journal of the Marketing Research, April 2016.

Barone, Michael J. and Coulter, Keith S., "The Upside Down: How Physical Orientation Impacts Price Magnitude and Product Quality Perceptions," submitted to the Journal of Marketing, February 2016.

Coulter, Keith S., and Patricia Norberg, (2009) “The Effects of Physical Distance Between Regular and Sale Prices on Numeric Difference Perceptions,” Journal of Consumer Psychology conditionally accepted for publication (with minor revisions) September 1, 2008.

Coulter, Keith S., and Robin A. Coulter, (2007) “Distortion of Price Discount Perceptions: the Right Digit Effect,” Journal of Consumer Research, 34 (2), August, 162-175.

Coulter, Keith S. and Robin A. Coulter (2005), “Size Does Matter: The Effects of Magnitude Representation Congruency on Price Perceptions and Purchase Likelihood,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 15 (1), 64-76.