Faculty Biography

John C. Blydenburgh, Ph.D.

John C. Blydenburgh, Ph.D.

Current Academic Research Interests

Measuring and explaining corporate environmental performance. Massachusetts politics in the progressive era.

Academic Research:

Papers, manuscripts, and books on methodology, political campaigning, state politics, elections, and political parties.

Applied Research:

ABC-TV News Election and Polling Consultant., 1969 -present.
Market research and consultant for public interest and private groups and organizations, and political campaigns.

Selected Academic Publications

"An Empirical Investigation of Sophisticated Voting in the 1980 Presidential Election", Political Behavior Vol 2, No.2, 1988.

"Measuring Issue Position Impact", Campaigns and Elections, Vol. 6, No. 2, Summer 1986.

"Linear Programming for Campaigns: Maximizing Efficiency and Effectiveness", Campaigns and Elections, Vol. 6, NO. 2, Summer 1985.

Edited, compiled and completed, Images of Voting/Visions of Democracy, by Peter Natchez, Basic Books, 1985.