Faculty Biography

Dr. Brenner

Daeg Brenner

Nuclear Chemistry

Professor of Chemistry
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Office: S236, Sackler Sciences Center
Phone: 508-793-7114
E-mail: dbrenner@clarku.edu

B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1960
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964
Postdoctoral Fellow, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, 1964-65
Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1965-67

Current Research and Teaching

The current thrust of nuclear structure research is directed towards understanding the synthesis, structure and dynamical behavior of nuclear matter under extreme conditions such as are found in stellar explosions.Traditional models of nuclear structure, which evolved from studies of relatively quiescent nuclei near stability, may or may not adequately describe the behavior of nuclei under high degrees of stress, such as those rotating with high angular momentum or those with extreme imbalances in numbers of protons and neutrons.My research program is focused on measuring properties of such very unstable nuclei with the goal of better understanding how nuclear structure evolves and nuclei behave under extreme conditions.

My research group enjoys long-standing collaborations with colleagues from Yale University and scientists from other laboratories both in the U.S. and abroad. Together we mount a diverse and dynamic experimental program in nuclear structure research using facilities at Yale and national laboratories.

My teaching interests are diverse. Currently, these include courses in Introductory Chemistry, Nuclear Science, Quantum Chemistry, and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Selected Publications

"Measurement of conversion coefficients in normal and triaxial strongly deformed bands in 167Lu"
G. Gürdal, C.W. Beausang, D.S. Brenner, H. Ai, R.F. Casten, B. Crider, A. Heinz, E. Williams, D.J. Hartley, M.P. Carpenter, A.A. Hecht, R.V.F. Janssens, T. Lauritsen, C.J. Lister, R. Raabe, D. Seweryriak, S. Zhu, and J.X. Saladin
Phys. Rev. C77, 024314 (2008).

"New Results on Fission Cross Sections in Actinide Nuclei Using the Surrogate Ratio Method and on Coefficients in Triaxial Strongly Deformed Bonds in 167Lu from Ice Ball and Gammasphere
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g factor in the 21+ state of 170Hf
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"Valence proton-neutron interactions throughout the mass surface"
D. S. Brenner, R. B. Cakirli, and R. F. Casten
Phys. Rev. C73, 034315 (2006).

"Lifetime measurements of yrast states in 162Yb and 166Hf"
E. A. McCutchan, N. V. Zamfir, R. F. Casten, H. Ai, H. Amro, M. Babilon, D. S. Brenner, G. Gürdal, A. Heinz, R. O. Hughes, D. A. Meyer, C. Plettner, J. Qian, J. J. Ressler, N. J. Thomas, V. Werner, E. Williams, and R. Winkler
Phys. Rev. C73, 034303 (2006).

"Proton-neutron interactions and the new atomic masses"
R. B. Cakirli, D. S. Brenner, R. F. Casten, and E. A. Millman
Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 092501 (2005).

"Quadrupole moment measurements of TSD1 and TSD2 bands in 167Lu"
G. Gürdal, H. Amro, C. W. Beausang, D. S. Brenner, M. P. Carpenter, R. F. Casten, C. Engelhardt, G. B. Hagemann, C. R. Hansen, D. J. Hartley, B. Herskind, H. Hübel, T. L. Khoo, T. Lauritsen, W. C. Ma, D. A. Meyer, E. F. Moore, A. Neusser, P. Pringle, D. G. Roux, G. Sletten, R. B. Yadav, and Y. Zhang
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"g factor of the 21+ state of 160Er"
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"The N = Z rp-process waiting point nucleus 68Se and its astrophysical implications"
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"g-factor of the 21+ state of 164Yb"
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"Low spin states in 162Yb and the X(5) critical point symmetry"
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"Measurement of 21+ level lifetimes in 162Yb and 162Er by fast electronic scintillation timing"
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"Mass measurement of 80Y by ß-γ coincidence spectroscopy"
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