Faculty Biography

Barbara Bigelow

Barbara Bigelow

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Associate Dean
Professor of Business Policy and Health Administration
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone: 508-793-7103
Email: bbigelow@clarku.edu

Research Interests

Strategic management in health care organizations; the use of dialogue in the classroom

Teaching Courses

The Art and Science of Management

Key Publications

Bigelow, B., Elsass, P.M., Arndt, M. 2015. Dialogue in the graduate management classroom: Learning from diversity. International Journal of Management Education, 13 (1), 48-56.

Arndt, M. and Bigelow, B. 2009. Evidence-based management in health care organizations: A cautionary note. Health Care Management Review 34 (3): 206-213.

Arndt, M. and Bigelow, B. 2000. Presenting structural innovation in an institutional environment: Hospitals' use of impression management. Administrative Science Quarterly 45 (3).

Bigelow, B. and Arndt, M. 2007. Self-interest and opportunism in the hospital industry: A historical perspective. In J.D. Blair, M.D. Fottler, E.W. Ford, & G.T. Payne, eds., Advances in Health Care Management Volume 6. Boston: JAI Press.

Arndt, M. and Bigelow, B. 2006. Toward the creation of an institutional logic for the management of hospitals: Efficiency in the early nineteen hundreds. Medical Care Research and Review 63 (3): 1-26.

Arndt, M. and Bigelow, B. 2005. Professionalizing and masculinizing a female occupation: The reconceptualization of hospital administration in the early 1900s. Administrative Science Quarterly 50: 233-261.