Faculty Biography


Attiat Ott, Ph.D.

Research Professor
Department of Economics
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

email: aott@clarku.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Professor Ott received a B.A. in Economics (Highest Honors) from Cairo University in 1956 and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Michigan in 1962.

Current Research and Teaching

Professor Ott's research interests are public economics, macroeconomic theory and policy, and health policy. She is currently engaged in the following research topics:
  • Public Sector Reforms: Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes, A Book under contract to Edward Elgar Publishing, UK.
  • The Political Economy of Privatizing US Social Security.
  • Development and Economic Freedom: A Case Study of Selected African Economies.



Selected Publications

"Modeling Mass Killing:  For Gain or Ethnic Cleansing," (with S. H. Bae).  Handbook on the Economics of Conflicts, editors D. Brandon and K. Hartley. (forthcoming).

Special Issue:  Developing the African Continent, Guest Editor:  Attiat F. Ott, Journal of International Advances in Economic Research, vol. 15, No. 3, August 2009.

  • Introduction to the Special Issue: "Developing the African Continent:  Selected Issues," Attiat F. Ott, pp. 267-271.
  • "Is Economic Integration the Solution to African Development?," Attiat F. Ott and Oswaldo Patino, pp. 278-295.

Symposium in honor of Richard Abel Musgraave, Guest Editors:  Attiat F. Ott and Richard J. Cebula, Journal of Economics and Finance, vol. 32 number 4, October 2008:

  • "Introduction to the special issue in honor of Richard Abel Musgrave," Attiat F. Ott and Richard J. Cebula, pp. 324-329.
  • A Tribute to Richard Abel Musgrave" (A. F. Ott, R. M. Solow, H. J. Aaron, M. S. Feldstein, O. Oldman, P. A. Samuelson), pp. 330-333.
  • "The Public Economics of Self Control," S. H. Bae and A. F. Ott, pp. 356-361.

"Predatory Behavior of Governments:  The Case of Mass Killing," A. F. Ott and S. H. Bae, Journal of Defense and Peace Economics, Vol. 19, issue 2, 107.

The Elgar Companion in Public Economics: Emprirical Public Economics. A. Ott and R. Cebula (eds), 2006.
Contributions in the volume by A. Ott:

  • “The Empirics of the Three Branch Model” (Chapter 2);
  • “Soft Budget Contraint and Hard Budget Constraint: Who is Bailing Out and Why?” (with Nirupama Devaraj), Chapter 5;
  • “The Political Theories of Deficit and Debt Accumulation” (with Vladislav Dolgopolov and Bonnie Orcutt), Chapter 19


“Do Conservative Governments Make a Difference in Monetary Policy? A Comparative Study of the US and the UK” (with Vladislav Dolgopolov and Anna Belova), Atlantic Economic Journal , A Special Issue Dedicated to William E. Simon, former Secretary of the Treasury, September 2003.

“Tax Reform: Chasing the Elusive Dream” (with Sheila Vegari), Atlantic Economic Journal, A Special Issue Dedicated to William E. Simon, former Secretary of the Treasury, September 2003.

Public Sector in the Global Economy: From the Driver's Seat to the Back Seat, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., UK, February 2003.