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Yuko Aoyama

Yuko Aoyama, Ph.D.

Graduate School of Geography
Dean of Research and Graduate Studies
Office of Academic Affairs

Email: yaoyama@clarku.edu

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Professor Yuko Aoyama received her Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. She is an economic/industrial geographer with expertise in globalization, industrial organization, technological innovation, and cultural economy. Her research interest lies in developing geographic understandings of global capitalisms from institutional and comparative perspectives. Her work demonstrates how various industrial sectors and entrepreneurs sustain economic distinctiveness in spite of globalization, in the USA, Japan, Spain, and India. Most recently, her work has moved to the realm of economic governance, with emphasis on cross-domain collaborations between for-profit and non-profit organizations that induce social innovation.  She is currently interested in advancing research on deglobalizaiton, redistribution regimes, and the philanthropic sector.

Professor Aoyama has been awarded an Abe Fellowship from the Social Science Research Council, Bellagio Academic Residency from the Rockefeller Foundation, as well as research grants form the National Science Foundation, National Geographic Society, and the Association of Asian Studies. She is affiliated with the George Perkins Marsh Institute.

Professor Aoyama currently serves as the Associate Provost and Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, for which she is responsible for managing the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research; providing oversight for graduate programs in Arts and Sciences and research centers; designing and launching workshops for faculty and graduate students; coordinating with Corporate and Foundation Relations (University Advancement) and Marketing and Communications to raise the profile of research on campus; providing strategic inputs to Research Board, Graduate Board and the provost management group; and serving as administrative representatives for faculty search committees.

Courses Offered

GEOG 016: Introduction to Economic Geography
GEOG 152: Geography of Globalization
GEOG 107: Miracles of Asia — Economic Growth in Global Contexts
GEOG 256: Global Economic Geographies
GEOG 257: Internet Geography
GEOG 362: Seminar on Globalization
GEOG 365: Graduate Seminar in Economic Geography
GEOG 396.3: Distributive Political Economy

Current Research

  1. Collaborations among MNEs, NGOs, and social enterprises in India
  2. Globalization
  3. Economic Governance 

Fellowships and Awards

Research Grants, Geography and Spatial Science and Economics Programs, National Science Foundation.

Academic Writing Residency, Bellagio Center, Rockefeller Foundation.

National Geographic Society Grant, Committee on Research and Exploration.

Abe Fellowship, Japan Program, Social Science Research Council.

Japan Studies Grant, The Northeast Asia Council, Association for Asian Studies.

MacArthur Interdisciplinary Group on International Security Studies Fellowship, Institute of International Studies,
University of California at Berkeley.

Selected Publications

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