Faculty Biography


Inshik Seol

Associate Professor of Accounting
Graduate School of Management
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone: 508-793-7748
Email: iseol@clarku.edu
Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Seol

PhD, University of Connecticut

Research Interests

Judgment and decision making, corporate social responsibility, environmental accounting, management accounting, and accounting education.

Teaching Courses

Principle of Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Foundations of Financial Accounting

Key Publications/Presentations

Lee, S., Bae, S., and Seol, I. 2019. Loan relation with foreign banks and information asymmetry: evidence from earnings management by local firms in Korea, Journal of Economics and Finance, 43 (2): 344-366.

Kim, Y., Seol, I., and Kang, Y. 2018. A Study on the Earnings Response Coefficient of Socially Responsible Firms: Legal Environment and the Stages of Corporate Social Responsibility, Management Research Review, 41 (9): 1010-1032.

Seol, I., Sarkis, J., and Wang, Z. 2017. A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study of Internal Auditor Skills: U.K. vs. Korea, Journal of Applied Accounting Research, 18 (3), 341-355.

Seol, I., Sarkis, J., and Lefley, F. 2011. Factor Structure of the Competency Framework for Internal Auditing (CFIA) Skills for Entering Level Internal Auditors, International Journal of Auditing, 15 (3), 217-230.

Darnall, N., Seol, I., and Sarkis, J. 2009. Perceived stakeholder influences and organizations’ use of environmental audits, Accounting, Organizations and Society, 34 (2), 170-187

Tam, K., Bierstaker, J., & Seol, I. 2006. Understanding Investment Expertise and Factors That Influence the Information Processing and Performance of Investment Experts, Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research, 9, 113-156.

Bierstaker, J. L., Howe, M., & Seol, I. 2004. Accounting Majors’ Perceptions Regarding the 150-Hour Rule, Issues in Accounting Education, 19 (2), 211-227.

Rosman A. J., Seol, I., & Biggs, S. 1999. The Effect of Stage of Development and Financial Health on Auditor Decision Behavior in the Going-Concern Task, Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, 18 (1), 37-54.