Faculty Biography

Jody Emel

Jacque "Jody" Emel, Ph.D.

Research Scientist & Professor Emerita
Graduate School of Geography
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Email: jemel@clarku.edu


Professor Jacque "Jody" Emel earned an M.S. in geography from The Pennsylvania State University in 1977 and a Ph.D. in hydrology and water resources from the University of Arizona in 1983. Prior to coming to Clark University, she was an environmental consultant and a water resources planner.  Professor Emel teaches courses in natural resource development, feminist theory and nature, hydrology, and the relationship between economy and environment.  

Professor Emel is also affiliated with the George Perkins Marsh Institute.

Courses Offered

Geog 090 Native Americans and Natural Resources
Geog 101 Food Justice & Food Movements
Geog 105 Animal Geographies
Geog 126 Living in the Material World: The Political Geography of Natural Resource Development
Geog 224 Economy and Environment
Geog 237 Feminism, Nature and Culture
Geog 351 Seminar in Resource Geography: Theory and Method

Current Research and Teaching

  1. The political ecologies of factory farming.   
  2. Foreign direct investment in gold mining: a route to sustainable development? Funded by the National Science Foundation.

Selected Publications

Animals and Society

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Water Resources

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