Faculty Biography

Nominated as "Outstanding Teacher" numerous times since 1979 by Clark University's senior class, Nathaniel Chase Seale has been voted this award, as well.  As a Clark graduate, long-time Worcester resident and human service professional, Mr. Seale has seen first-hand how much influence Clark exerts in the lives of its students and the contributions they, in turn, make to the Worcester community and beyond.

Mr. Seale's clinical work centers on student support services, school psychology and school counseling, as well as social work in schools and human service agencies.  He coordinates the three course School Psychology Sequence and the four course Human Services Sequence.  This includes the instruction and mentoring of undergraduates in all courses comprising both sequences.  In addition, he is responsible for the development and selection of field experience relevant to each sequence as well as supervision of undergraduates during their placements.

Undergraduates engage in experiences encompassing a wide range of settings related to individual interests and possible career plans.  Within the Human Services Sequence, Mr. Seale places and supervises students who work with client populations such as court-acquainted youth (the client base for his initial two years as a counselor at a Massachusetts Department of Youth Services institution), emotionally disturbed children and adolescents, victims of domestic abuse, the elderly, children with life-threatening illnesses, students with special needs and adults with developmental disabilities.  Within the School Psychology Sequence, he places and supervises undergraduates with student support professionals in urban and suburban schools at both the elementary and secondary levels.  Site supervisors for this sequence hold positions as school social workers (the field of his practice for 33 years with the Worcester Public Schools), school psychologists and directors of school guidance.

Mr. Seale's primary focus is on working with undergraduates who will be among the next generation of human service providers as they identify and develop the fundamental skills, attitudes and knowledge base essential for professional practice.  Emphasizing the approach that clients "need an experience, not an explanation," he is interested in the core conditions underlying effective helping relationships.  Related areas of inquiry and application include the influence of power, authority and organizational context within social work.

Mr. Seale is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a School Social Worker (K-12) and as a School Psychologist (K-12).  He is the 2013 recipient of the Massachusetts School Psychologists Association "Educator of the Year" award.

Courses currently taught

Analysis of Individual Ability and Style (EDUC 266) Lecture/Discussion
Education and Social Policy (EDUC 155) Lecture/Discussion (also listed in Ethics and Public Policy)
Field Experience: Special Education and Human Services 1 (EDUC 194) Discussion/Field Placement
Field Experience: Special Education and Human Services 2 (EDUC 195) Discussion/Field Placement
Psychoeducational Practicum and Seminar: Sections 1& 2 (EDUC 268.1 & 268.2)   Seminar/Field Placement
The Skilled Helper (EDUC 269) Lecture/Discussion/Practicum