Faculty Biography

Ronald Eastman

J. Ronald Eastman, Ph.D.

Professor of Geography
Graduate School of Geography
Director, Clark Labs
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Email: reastman@clarku.edu
Phone: (508) 849-2321

Curriculum Vitae

Clark Labs
TerrSet Geospatial Monitoring and Modeling software


Professor Ronald Eastman received his Ph.D. from Boston University in 1982. He joined Clark in 1981 and served as Director of the Graduate School of Geography from 1998-2002.

His interests include geographic information systems, earth system informatics, conservation GIS, remote sensing, and cartography. He is the director of Clark Labs, a research center focused on the development of geographic information technologies including TerrSet Geospatial Monitoring and Modeling software, the IDRISI Geographic Information System, the Land Change Modeler and the Earth Trends Modeler.

Dr. Eastman has worked extensively on research projects in South America, Africa and Asia and maintains a close working relationship with colleagues at Conservation International, the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Google. His interests focus, in particular, on land change modeling, biodiversity conservation, machine learning and time series analysis of earth observation data.

Selected Awards

University Consortium for Geographic Information Science Research Award, 2007

Association of American Geographers, Distinguished Service Honors 2003

Canadian Cartographic Association, Award of Distinction for Scholarly Contributions, 1995

Selected Publications

Neeti, N. and Eastman, J.R., (2011) "A Contextual Mann-Kendall approach for the assessment of trend significance in image time series", Transactions in GIS, 15, 5, 599-611.

Machado, E.A., Neeti, N., Eastman, J.R., and Chen, H., (2011) “Interactions between standardization, centering and space-time orientation in Principal Components Analysis of image time series “, Earth Science Informatics, DOI 10.1007/s12145-011-0082-7.

Simonti, A.L., and Eastman, J.R. (2010) “The 2005 Caribbean Mass Coral Bleaching Event: A Sea Surface Temperature Empirical Orthogonal Teleconnection Analysis”, Journal of Geophysical Research, VOL. 115, C11009, doi:10.1029/2010JC006233, 2010

Sangermano, F., Eastman, J.R., Zhu, H., (2010) “Similarity weighted instance based learning for the generation of transition potentials in land change modeling”, Transactions in GIS, 14, 5, 569-580.

Li, Z., and Eastman, J.R., (2010) “Commitment and Typicality Measures for the Self-Organizing Map”, International Journal of Remote Sensing. 31, 16, 4265-4280 .

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Eastman, J.R., (2009) IDRISI 16: The Taiga Edition (Worcester, MA: Clark University).

Eastman, J.R., (2007) The Land Change Modeler, a software extension for ArcGIS (Worcester, MA: Clark University)

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