Faculty Biography


Lene Arnett Jensen, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist
Department of Psychology
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Email: ljensen@clarku.edu

Professional Website



B.A., Oglethorpe University, 1989
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1996

Current Research and Teaching

Lene Arnett Jensen is the originator of the “cultural-developmental” theoretical approach to research on human psychology. This approach encompasses what is universal and what is culturally distinctive about human development. Unlike one-size-fits-all psychological theories of the 20th century, the cultural-developmental approach provides a flexible and dynamic way to think about psychological development in today’s global world. In Dr. Jensen’s book, Moral Development in a Global World: Research from a Cultural-Developmental Perspective, she argues that humans are born with a shared moral heritage and that, as we develop from childhood into adulthood, we branch off in diverse directions shaped by culture. This results in both novelty and contention (Cambridge University Press, 2015). The Oxford Handbook of Human Development and Culture: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, edited by Dr. Jensen, provides an in-depth and comprehensive synopsis of theory and research on human development, with every chapter drawing together findings from cultures around the world (Oxford University Press, 2015 hardcover, 2016 paperback). Dr. Jensen also authors print and interactive digital college textbooks on child and lifespan development that emphasize how universal features of development are shaped by cultural diversity. Her most recent textbooks are Human Development: A Cultural Approach, 3e (Pearson, 2019) and Child Development Worldwide: A Cultural Approach, 1e (Pearson, 2018). Dr Jensen is a Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Psychology at Clark University.

Selected Publications

(Please visit Lene Arnett Jensen's professional website, http://www.lenearnettjensen.com, to dowload these and other publications)


Arnett, J.J., & Jensen, L. A. (2019). Human development: A cultural approach, 3e. New York: Pearson.

*Released in print and interactive digital/Revel formats.

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*Released in print and interactive digital/Revel formats.

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*Released as paperback in 2016.

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*Published in Mandarin in 2018.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

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