Faculty Biography


Peter Marton, Ph.D.

Part-Time Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

(508) 793 7496 phone
email: pmarton@clarku.edu

Peter Marton received his Ph.D from Brown University. His research interests include epistemology, logic, history of modern philosophy (especially Descartes), philosophy of science, and metaphysics. Professor Marton's current research interest focus on epistemic paradoxes and skeptical arguments (e.g. the lottery paradox, the knowability paradox, the problem of the criterion, and arguments and counterarguments concerning the brains-in-a-vat scenario).

Selected Publications:

    1. Marton, Peter (1999): "Ordinary versus Super-Omniscient Interpreters" Philosophical Quarterly, 49, 72-77.

    1. Marton, Peter (1999): "Skeptics versus Dogmatics: The Battle over the Criterion," Dialectica, forthcoming

    1. Marton, Peter (1998): "Zombies v. Materialists: The Battle over Conceivability," Southwest Philosophy Review, 14 131-138.

    1. Erdi, P.; Grobler, T. & Marton, P. (1992): "On the Double Architecture of the Semantic Memory," Nature, Cognition and System 2, Dordrecht: Kluwer Publ., 193-203,

    1. Grobler, T; Marton, P. & Erdi, P. (1991): "On the Dynamic Organization of the Memory: A Mathematical Model of Associative Free Recall," Biological Cybernetics, 65, 73-79.

    1. Kövesdi, P.; Marton, P. & Szilágyi, M. (eds.): Megfúvom fûzfa lantomat [An Anthology on Amusingly Bad Poems—in Hungarian], Budapest: Mora, 1990.

  1. Erdei, H. & Marton, P. (1988): "Élet a zsidó gimnáziumban" [On the History of the Jewish Secondary School at Budapest—in Hungarian], História.