Faculty Biography

Peter Marton, Ph.D.

Part-Time Professor
Department of Philosophy
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone: (508)-793-7414
Email: pmarton@clarku.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Marton was an undergraduate student in Hungary, where he studied physics and biophysics, eventually earning an M.Sc. in both. He spent two years at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and then earned his Ph.D. at Brown University with Ernest Sosa as his thesis advisor. 

Although his background is in epistemology, his current interest is in semantic paradoxes. Professor Marton is working on a moderate antirealist framework that dissolves and interprets paradoxes like the Liar, the Knower, the Non-Communicator, and Curry’s. He’s also interested in what concept of knowledge is compatible with this moderate antirealist framework.

Selected Publications


   “Knowing Possibilities and the Possibility of Knowing (A Further Challenge for the Anti-Realist)”, Erkenntnis, 86, (2021), 493 – 504.

   “Truth, Meaning, and Yablo’s Paradox – A Moderate Anti-Realist Approach, Southwest Philosophy Review, 36, (2020), 101 – 11.

   “Calling the Skeptic’s Bluff: Brains, Vats, and Irrelevance”, Philosophia, 47, (2019), 477 – 488.      

  “Truths, Facts, and Liars”, Organon F, 25 (2018), 155-173.

   “Verificationists versus Realists: The Battle over Knowability,” Synthese, 151 (2006), 81 – 98.

   Achilles versus the Tortoise: The Battle over Modus Ponens. (An Aristotelian Argument).” Philosophia, 31 (2004), 383 – 400

  “Zombies v. Materialists: The Battle over Conceivability,” Southwest Philosophy Review, 14 (1998), 131-138

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