Faculty Biography


Luke Jerzykiewicz M.A.

Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

(508) 793 7415 phone
email: mailto:ljerzykiewicz@clarku.edu

Luke Jerzykiewicz (M.A.) is currently finishing a doctoral dissertation at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario supervised by John Bell, Robert Stainton and Chris Viger. Prior to that, he completed the better part of a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science at Andy Brook's Institute of Cognitive Science at Carleton.

Luke's dissertation presents a naturalistic, cognitivist reply to Benacerraf's celebrated (1973) problem. Briefly, this is the problem of explaining what mathematical statements mean as well as explaining how creatures like ourselves can have access to their contents. In the dissertation, he argues that we should look to cognitive science, and specifically to work in the Chomskyan tradition, for our theory of meaning; we should look to a naturalized Kant for the epistemic pieces of the puzzle.

There are a few papers related to this topic as well as to other issues that interest Luke in the papers and drafts section of his personal site.