Faculty Biography

Arpita Joardar, PhD

Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Management
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Joardar

B.Sc. (Hons.), Delhi University, India
MBA, California State University
PhD, University of South Carolina

Current Research and Teaching

Teaching interests

International Management; Cross-cultural Behavior & Management; International Entrepreneurship; International Business

Research interests:

Exploring Dunning’s Eclectic model of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) using game theory; Evaluating liabilities versus benefits of foreignness for international entrepreneurs; Development of a cross-culturally valid Entrepreneurial Orientation (E-O) scale at the individual level; Study the effects of LOF and EO on the performance of international entrepreneurs; Examining the effects of group characteristics on group acceptance of a newcomer; Identifying the causes behind the international financial crisis and lessons learned.

Recent Refereed Publications and Proceedings

Joardar, A. & Wu, S. Impact of Foreignness on Entrepreneurial Business Performance: Liability or Benefit? Under review for Management International Review.

Bae, S.H., Joardar, A. & sarkis, J. A Game Theoretic Analysis of Firms' Entry Mode Decisions European Journal of Operational Research. Under review for European Journal for Operational Research.

Joardar, A. & Wu, S. The impact of national culture and type of entrepreneurs on outsourcing. Under review for International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal.

Joardar, A. (2011) Examining changes in group acceptance of a newcomer from a different culture: an expectancy violation perspective. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management. 11(3): 341-362.

Joardar, A. & Wu, S. (2011) Examining the Dual Forces of Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation and Liability of Foreignness on International Entrepreneurs. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. 28 (Special issue): 328-340.

Joardar, A., Bae, S.H. & Sarkis, J. (2011) Evaluation of Production Decisions from an Eclectic Model Perspective Using Game Theory. Proceedings of DSI 2011.

Joardar, A. & Matthews, L. (2010) An Empirical Investigation of Group Acceptance Using the ‘Big Five’ Personality Domains. Organization Management Journal. 7: 194-207.

Joardar, A., Kostova, T. & Ravlin, E. (2007) An Experimental Study of the Acceptance of a Foreign Newcomer into a Workgroup. Journal of International Management. 13: 513-537.

Joardar, A. (2007) Investigating Changes in A Foreign Newcomer’s Group Acceptance Using Expectancy Violation Theory. Proceedings of the Academy of Management.

Joardar, A. & Wu, S. (2007) Entrepreneurship orientation as a remedy for liability of foreignness. Proceedings of the Academy of International Business.

Academic Organizations

Member of the Academy of International Business
Member of the Academy of Management
Member of Delta Mu Delta (National Honor Society in Business Administration)