Faculty Biography

Thomas Murphy

Associate Professor of Practice
M.B.A., University of Rhode Island

Areas of Practice

Advising global companies in sustainability marketing practices.
Advising global brands in building brand equity.

Teaching Courses

Sustainability Marketing
Brand Strategy
Branding Concepts
Consumer Behavior

Recent Projects

-As part of a student project, worked with IKEA Corporate Sustainability Teams on an assessent of sustainability practices in their market, 2020.

-As part of a student project, workedwith global AI technology copany on a study of the future of artificial intelligence in retail stores, 2020.

-As part of a student project, worked with Nestle Brand Management on a study of sustainabile brand practices for Gerber Baby Foods, 2019.

Professional & Academic Experience

Thomas Murphy is a decision consultant to CXO's of global companies, universities and health care firms, helping them prioritize and improve business plans and investments across global markets. His experience includes consulting in market planning, global business strategy and knowledge management with more than 100 companies and institutions. Results of his work have been presented by himself and business executives at numerous business seminars and conferences.

Professor Murphy has a niche area of expertise in sustainability marketing and sustainability branding. He designed the "Sustainability Marketing" course for GSOM, which is one of only a handful currently offered in the United States.