Faculty Biography

Zhihong Wang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Accounting
School of Management
Clark University

Email: ZhihWang@clarku.edu
Phone: 508-793-7657 

PhD, Bentley University

Research Interests

Investigating the impact of corporate executives and corporate governance on financial accounting, auditing, and managerial practices.

Teaching Courses

Accounting Analytics

Financial Accounting and Reporting 

Key Publications/Presentations

Yang Duan, Tien-Shih Hsieh, Ray R. Wang, and Zhihong Wang (2020). Facial Trustworthiness, Gender, and Crowdfunding Success. Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming.

William Shafer, Zhihong Wang, and Tien Shih Hsieh. Support for economic inequality and tax evasion. Sustainability, 12, 8025.

Hsieh, Tien-Shih, Jeong-Bon Kim, Ray R. Wang, and Zhihong Wang. "Seeing is believing? Executives’ facial trustworthiness, auditor tenure, and audit fees." Journal of Accounting and Economics, forthcoming.

Tien-Shih Hsieh, Zhihong Wang, and Mohammad J. Abdolmohammadi.  (2019). Does the XBRL disclosure management solution influence earnings release efficiency and earnings management? International Journal of Accounting and Information Management, 27(1): 74-95.

Tien-Shih Hsieh, Zhihong Wang, and Mohammad J. Abdolmohammadi.  (2018). Factors associated with XBRL Implementation Strategies. Journal of Information Systems, In-press.

Tien-Shih Hsieh, Zhihong Wang, and Sebahattin Demirkan. (2018). Overconfidence and Tax Avoidance: The Role of CEO and CFO interaction. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 37(3), 241-253.

Media Attention: This study is reported by NewsRx at Investment Weekly News.

With Tien-Shih Hsieh, Ray R. Wang and Jeong Bon Kim. (2018). Do STEM-educated boards contribute to innovation activities in large companies? IEEE: Engineer Management Review. 46(4), 32-35.

Xi Dong, Shu Feng, Sitikantha Parida, and Zhihong Wang. (2018). Does it pay to invest in socially responsible mutual funds? Journal of Investing, 28(2): 53-65.

William Shafer and Zhihong Wang (2018). Machiavellianism, Social norms and tax compliance. Business Ethics: A European Review, 27(1), 42-55. (Journal impact factor: 3.029)

Zhihong Wang, Tien-Shih Hsieh, and Joseph Sarkis. (2018). Corporate responsibility performance and the readability of corporate responsibility reports: Too good to be true? Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 25(1), 66-79. (Journal impact factor: 4.918)

Sitikantha Parida and Zhihong Wang. (2018). Financial Crisis and Corporate Social Responsible Mutual Fund Flows. International Journal of Financial Studies, 6(1), 8.

Mohammad J. Abdolmohammadi, Steven M. Desimone, Tien-Shih Hsieh, and Zhihong Wang. (2017). Factors associated with the internal audit function’s involvement with XBRL implementation in public companies: An international study. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 25, 45-56.

Zhihong Wang and Joseph Sarkis. (2017). Walking the Talk: CSR performance as a mediator for the CSR activities and financial performance relationship. Journal of Cleaner Production, 162, 1607-1616. (Journal impact factor: 5.651)

Inshik Seol, Joseph Sarkis and Zhihong Wang. (2017). A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study of Internal Auditor Skills: UK vs. Korea. Journal of Applied Accounting Research, 18(3), 341-355.