Faculty Biography

Zhihong Wang

Zhihong Wang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Accounting

Email: ZhihWang@clarku.edu

Phone: 508-793-7657 



PhD, Bentley University

Research Interests

Behavioral research in management control systems; the impact of cultural values on international financial reporting systems; business ethics and corporate fraud; accounting professionals' judgment decision-making.

Teaching Courses

Managerial Accounting
Advanced Managerial Accounting
Financial Accounting & Reporting 1 and 2

Key Publications/Presentations

Hsieh, Tien-Shih, Jeong-Bon Kim, Ray R. Wang, and Zhihong Wang. "Seeing is believing? Executives’ facial trustworthiness, auditor tenure, and audit fees." Journal of Accounting and Economics, forthcoming.

Tien-Shih Hsieh, Zhihong Wang, and Mohammad J. Abdolmohammadi.  (2019). Does the XBRL disclosure management solution influence earnings release efficiency and earnings management? International Journal of Accounting and Information Management, 27(1): 74-95.

Tien-Shih Hsieh, Zhihong Wang, and Mohammad J. Abdolmohammadi.  (2018). Factors associated with XBRL Implementation Strategies. Journal of Information Systems, In-press.

Tien-Shih Hsieh, Zhihong Wang, and Sebahattin Demirkan. (2018). Overconfidence and Tax Avoidance: The Role of CEO and CFO interaction. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 37(3), 241-253.

Media Attention: This study is reported by NewsRx at Investment Weekly News.

With Tien-Shih Hsieh, Ray R. Wang and Jeong Bon Kim. (2018). Do STEM-educated boards contribute to innovation activities in large companies? IEEE: Engineer Management Review. 46(4), 32-35.

Xi Dong, Shu Feng, Sitikantha Parida, and Zhihong Wang. (2018). Does it pay to invest in socially responsible mutual funds? Journal of Investing, 28(2): 53-65.

William Shafer and Zhihong Wang (2018). Machiavellianism, Social norms and tax compliance. Business Ethics: A European Review, 27(1), 42-55. (Journal impact factor: 3.029)

Zhihong Wang, Tien-Shih Hsieh, and Joseph Sarkis. (2018). Corporate responsibility performance and the readability of corporate responsibility reports: Too good to be true? Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 25(1), 66-79. (Journal impact factor: 4.918)

Sitikantha Parida and Zhihong Wang. (2018). Financial Crisis and Corporate Social Responsible Mutual Fund Flows. International Journal of Financial Studies, 6(1), 8.

Mohammad J. Abdolmohammadi, Steven M. Desimone, Tien-Shih Hsieh, and Zhihong Wang. (2017). Factors associated with the internal audit function’s involvement with XBRL implementation in public companies: An international study. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems, 25, 45-56.

Zhihong Wang and Joseph Sarkis. (2017). Walking the Talk: CSR performance as a mediator for the CSR activities and financial performance relationship. Journal of Cleaner Production, 162, 1607-1616. (Journal impact factor: 5.651)

Inshik Seol, Joseph Sarkis and Zhihong Wang. (2017). A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study of Internal Auditor Skills: UK vs. Korea. Journal of Applied Accounting Research, 18(3), 341-355.