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Denise Bebbington

Denise Bebbington, Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor of International Development and Social Change (IDSC)

Office: IDCE Building, 10 Hawthorne Street
Phone: (508) 421-3731
Email: dbebbington@clarku.edu 






Ph.D. development studies, Institute for Development Policy and Management, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
M.Sc. in development management from The American University
B.A. in history from the University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests and Projects:

Denise Humphreys Bebbington has a long engagement with Latin America having worked as Latin America Coordinator for Global Greengrants Fund, Inter-American Foundation Representative to Peru, and Catholic Relief Services Sub-Director in the South America region and Project Officer in Guatemala.

Her recent research addresses the expansion of extractive industry and infrastructure development in South America, the responses of social-environmental movement organizations and the political ecology of natural resource extraction.
She is currently involved in two collaborative research projects exploring the relationships between socio-environmental conflict, extractive industry, decentralization and sub-national development in the Andean-Amazonian region.  More information on this research at the following websites: innovacionesinstitucionales.wordpress.com and www.sed.manchester.ac.uk/research/andes.

Denise has also been involved in collaborative research project entitled: “Safeguarding Local Equity as Global Values of Ecosystem Services Rise” supported by the Ecosystem Services and Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) Programme (ESPA Programme Framework grant NE/I00341X/1).  This project involves an interdisciplinary team of collaborators to develop a conceptual framework that analyzes the links between ecosystem services and sustainable poverty reduction, with a focus on how benefits derived from ecosystem services are distributed among different stakeholders, the factors underlying these processes and their potential impacts.  More information on this project can be found at:  http://redd-net.org/themes/equity

Recent Publications

Forthcoming  Bebbington, A.; Humphreys Bebbington, Denise; Bury, Jeffrey; Hinojosa, L.; and Burneo, M.L. “Anatomies of Conflict:  Social Mobilization and New Political Ecologies of the Andes in Subterreanean Struggles:  New Dynamics of Mining, Oil and Gas In Latin America.  A. Bebbington and J. Bury (eds.)  Austin:  University of Texas Press.

2012Humphreys Bebbington, D. “Understanding the relationship between extraction, territory, inequality/inequity and conflict in the Bolivian Chaco”  Environment, Policy and Science  doi: 10.1016/j.envsci.2012.07.027

2012  Humphreys Bebbington, D. “Consultation, Compensation and Conflict:  Natural Gas Extraction in Weenhayek Territory” Journal of Latin American Geography.

2012 Humphreys Bebbington, D and Bebbington A.  “Post What?  Extractive Industries, Narratives of Development and Socio-environmental disputes across the (ostensibly changing) Andean Region” in H. Haarstad, (ed.)  New Political Spaces in Latin American Natural Resource Governance. London:  Palgrave Macmillan.

2012 Humphreys Bebbington, D.  “Las tensiones estado-indígenas debido a la expansión de la industria hidrocarburífera en el Chaco boliviano” en Hinojosa, L. (ed.) Gas y Desarrollo: Dinámicas territoriales Rurales en Tarija – Bolivia.  CERDET-Fundación Tierra: La Paz.

2011Humphreys Bebbington, D: “State-Indigenous Tensions over Hydrocarbon Development in the Bolivian Chaco” in A. Bebbington Social conflict, Economic Development and Extractive Industries:  Evidence from South America, London:  Routledge. (Spanish translation in press, Lima:  Instituto de Estudios Peruanos)

2010 Bebbington, A. and Humphreys Bebbington, D.: An Andean Avatar:  Post neoliberal and liberal strategies for securing the unobtainable. New Political Economy Vol. 16, No. 1.doi: 10.1080/13563461003789803

2010 Humphreys Bebbington, D. and Bebbington, A.: Extracción, territorio e inequidades: El gas en el Chaco boliviano,” Umbrales, 20: 127-160.  (Reprinted in Ecuador Debate, vol. 79: 83-104: http://www.ecuadordebate.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Ecuador-debate-79.pdf ).

2010 Humphreys Bebbington, D. and Bebbington, A.: Extraction, Territory and Inequalities:  Gas in the Bolivian Chaco,” Canadian Journal of Development Studies 30, No.1-2: 259-280.

2010 Humphreys Bebbington, D. and Bebbington, A.: Anatomy of a regional conflict: Tarija and resource grievances in Morales’ Bolivia,” Latin American Perspectives. vol. 37 no. 4 140-160  doi: 10.1177/0094582X10372503

2009 Humphreys Bebbington, D and Catari, Umber. “Los hidrocarburos y los Pueblos Indígenas del Chaco Tarijeño,” in Cabildo Abierto, Puno, Peru: SER.

2009  Bebbington, A.; Humphreys Bebbington, D.; Bury, J.: “Federating and defending:  water, territory and extraction in the Andes, in Boelens R., D. Getches and A. Guevara Gil (eds), Out of the mainstream The Politics of Water Rights and Identity in the Andes. London: Earthscan.

2009  Bebbington, A.; Humphreys Bebbington, D.: “Actores y ambientalismos: Continuidades y cambios en los conflictos socio-ambientales en el Perú,” in J. de Echave, R. Hoetmer and M. Palacios (eds.) Neoliberalismo, minería y las luchas por el territorio: Actores, estrategias y alternativas.  Lima: CONACAMI, Programa Democracia y Transformación Global, and Cooperación.

2009  Catari, Umber and Humphreys Bebbington, D.: “Encuentros forzados, diálogos frustrados: La lucha por la salud y el medio ambiente frente a la explotación hidrocarburífera” pp. 128-142 in América Latina: Riqueza privada, pobreza pública. Quito: CIDSE-ALAI.

2008 Bebbington, A.; Humphreys Bebbington, D.; Bury, J., Lingan, J.; Muñoz, J.P.; and Scurrah, M: Mining and social movements: struggles over livelihood and rural territorial development in the Andes. World Development. 36(12): 2888-2905

2008 Bebbington, A.; Hinojosa, L.; Humphreys Bebbington, D.; Burneo, M; and Warnaars, X.: “Contention and ambiguity: Mining and the possibilities of development,” Development and Change. 39(6):887-914

2008 Humphreys Bebbington, D. “Letter from Tarija:  to the Brink and Back Again. Bolivia Information Forum, No.11: 7-9.

2007 Nuñez, T.; Humphreys Bebbington, D; and Mego, A. ¿IIRSA - otra oportunidad perdida?  Punto equilibrio, No. 96: 18-20.

Current Research/Grants:

Co-I, “Conflict and Institutional Construction:  Tackling the local and national resource curse in the Andean Region,” Ford Foundation, US$185,000 (2011-2012)

Co-I,  “Extractive industry, decentralization and development: an Andean comparative study,” Ford Foundation, US$200,000 (2012-2013)




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