Faculty Biography

 David Correll, PhD

 Assistant Professor of Operations Research
 Graduate School of Management
 Clark University

 Phone: 508-793-7659
 Email: dcorrell@clarku.edu

Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Correll

PhD, Iowa State University
Supply Chain Management/Logistics

Research Interests

Supply chain design for sustainable production systems
Supply chain network modeling
Manufacturing flexibility
Production systems and the natural environment
Industrial Ecology

Key Publications and Presentations

Correll, D.H.C., Suzuki, Y. and Martens, B.J. (2017) 'The diversity-logistics hypothesis: how animals and manufacturers stand to reduce inbound logistics and inventory costs through diversity', Progress in Industrial Ecology - An International Journal, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 79-96. 

Sustainability, Ethics, Entrepreneurship (SEE) Annual Meeting, May 2015 (Denver, CO). Journal of Supply Chain Management session, Selected Paper: "Towards An Epistemological Understanding of Sustainable Supply Chain Management: The Ethical Mediator View."

Correll, D.; Suzuki, Y. and Martens, B.J., “Biorenewable fuels at the intersection of product and process flexibility: A novel modeling approach and application". International Journal of Production Economics.  150 (2014) pp. 1-8

Correll, D.; Suzuki, Y. and Martens, B.J., “Logistical supply chain design for bioeconomy applications". Biomass & Bioenergy 66 (2014) pp. 60-69.

Correll, D. and Martens, B.J., “A Decision Support System for Biomass Aggregators.” Selected Paper at the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) Annual Meeting, November 2011 (Boston, MA).

Correll, D.; Suzuki, Y. and Martens, B.J., "Enhancing Biorenewable Crop Diversity: A Network Flow Model." Selected Paper at the Materials and Services Operations Management (M&SOM) Annual Meeting, Sustainable Operations Session, June 2011 (Ann Arbor, MI).