Faculty Biography


B.Sc. University of London, 1996
Ph.D. University of Cambridge, 1999

Current Research

The research in my lab applies experimental molecular genomic, mathematical and computational approaches to investigate the regulation of gene expression during development. The major focus is on analyzing the epigenetic and regulatory networks that control transcription in the embryo in model insect species, including Drosophila and social insects.

Courses Offered

BCMB 228/328: Molecular Genetics
BIOL 118: Genetics
BIOL 237/337: Epigenetics
BIOL 144: Bioethics: stem cells, embryos and reproduction
MBB 120: Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems

Recent Publications

Undergraduate student authors are italicized.

The GEP: Crowd-Sourcing Big Data Analysis with Undergraduates.
S. C. R. Elgin, C. Hauser, T. M. Holzen, C. Jones, A. Kleinschmit, J. Leatherman, Genomics Education Partnership (incl. R. A. Drewell).  2017. Trends in Genetics 33: 81-85.

Spatial distribution of predicted transcription factor binding sites in Drosophila ChIP peaks.
K. Pettie, J. M. Dresch and R. A. Drewell.  2016.  Mechanisms of Development 141: 51-61.

Nucleotide interdependency in transcription factor binding sites in the Drosophila genome.
J. M. Dresch, R. G. Zellers, D. K. Bork and R. A. Drewell. 2016. Gene Regulation and Systems Biology 10: 21-33.

Parent-of-origin effects on genome-wide DNA methylation in the Cape honey bee (Apis mellifera capensis) may be confounded by allele-specific methylation. E. J. Remnant, A. Ashe, P. Young, G. Buchmann, M. Beekman, M. H. Allsopp, C. M. Suter, R. A. Drewell and B. P. Oldroyd.  2016.  BMC Genomics 17: 226.

Global sensitivity analysis of a dynamic model for gene expression in Drosophila embryos.
G. D. McCarthy, R. A. Drewell and J. M. Dresch. 2015. PeerJ 3: e1022.

MARZ: an algorithm to combinatorially analyze gapped n-mer models of transcription factor binding.
R. G. Zellers, R. A. Drewell and J. M. Dresch.  2015.  BMC Bioinformatics 16: 30.

Major Research Grants

NIH R15 Grant ($450,900) Apr 2016 – Mar 2019
Decoding cis-regulatory grammar at Hox genes

NIH R15 Grant ($210,000) June 2010 - May 2015
Molecular dissection of Drosophila Hox gene cis-regulatory modules

NSF CAREER Award ($600,000) Feb 2009 – Jan 2017
Investigating the evolution of gene regulation at Drosophila Hox genes

NIH R03 Grant ($145,000) June 2007 – May 2010
Promoter-enhancer interactions at the Drosophila bithorax complex