Comments on "Connections Through Architecture."   Though I found interest in the imagery and therefore the selection of the three images, and though I also found them interesting conceptually, I failed to see the conceptual connection across them.  I really liked the explanation of the symbolic imagery of each architectural structure, but I feel as though the political importance of the different structures was not conveyed adequately. The spiritual importance, on the other hand, became clear through the description of the artistic symbolism, but, again, the spiritual importance of the structures in terms of their use was not well-explained. So though a connection between the objects both visually and conceptually was achieved through a description of their symbolism, it could have been deepened through a better discussion of use. Although links and labels were certainly informative and interesting,  I would have liked to have learned more about the actual use of each of the structures. Despite this, the title is still effective. Information, however, was only partially documented.  There were no references for Kwakiutl and Abelam label   or the thunderbird link, but  Yoruba links were well-documented. (LD)
This theme was original as well and interesting to follow through images and labels for them. Overall, the presentation was very successful. (DE)
"Connections Through Architecture:" These objects in this display really captured the viewer’s eye. The title and the pictures all looked good together. The links and labels were all very helpful. (JS)
The exhibit of three houses establishes "Connections through Architecture," as stated in the title. The three images are interesting to consider visually, but the labels need to be more specific as to exactly what connections are being made.  The labels for the Northwest Coast and Yoruba images make the connection between architecture and politics in each society, but the Abelam does not. However, the links did effectively contribute to the viewer's understanding. (CS)
Pointing out the purpose for the order of images in "Connections Through Architecture" was effective from a conceptual viewpoint, in that it helped the viewer to understand the basis for social organization in each culture. However, this purpose was not carried out in the label copy as effectively as it could have been. The label copy could have concluded that each piece of architecture exhibits both political and religious significance, if one considers both form and meaning. This is particularly true for the NWC house. There could have been links to explain the idea of transformation and how it is thought of in each culture.(AW)