Connections Across Cultures
Art from the Yoruba of SW Nigeria, Nations of the Northwest Coast
of North America, and the Island of New Guinea

Dana Early : 
Spirits Take Form 
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Connections is a student project undertaken by Art 155: Art of Africa, Oceania and Native America during the Fall of 1999.  In this class, we looked closely at the Art of the Yoruba of SW Nigeria, the art of the Asmat, Abelam and Highland peoples of New Guinea, and the art of the Native Americans of the Northwest Coast of North America.  Students selected a category of image at the beginning of the semester and then a single work from each culture area. Works ranged from single objects to multi-media, multi-dimensional transformations of individuals through mask, costume and regalia.  Images came from the published literature. Works were supposed to be interesting to consider as a group, both visually and conceptually.  Students also read and reflected upon issues germane to the exhibition of culture.  Their goal was to create an exhibition that focused the viewer's attention on artworks across several cultures and explored underlying patterns of human behavior expressed in those works.  We also explored the use of limited web technology to expand the information presented to the viewer through links.  It is a work in progress.  Editing provided by Jean Borgatti, course instructor.


aw_yorubabowl.JPG (85143 bytes)

Nigeria,  Southern Ekiti. Yoruba. Divination Cup, agere Ifa. Wood. 19th Century. H. 12 1/2 in. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis.  Source: Fagg & Pemberton, pl. 15

bg_tamberan.jpg (228318 bytes)

New Guinea,  Abelam.. Decorated Men’s House.60-80ft. Mid 20th century. Anthony Forge,1962.
Source: Corbin, pl.1.

js_nwchat.jpg (71671 bytes)

North America. Northwest Coast. Tlingit. Chief's hat. Wood, copper, brass. H. 44cm. 19-20th century.
Source: Furst & Furst, cover.

Ian Price: The Costume Connection   
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Caroline Smith : Impact of European Culture
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Lisa Donofrio:
Art of Music
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Aimee Whitehouse: The Container as Woman 
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Joanny Shephard: The Wealth and Status Connection Click Here

Brandon Guild: Connections through Architecture   Click Here

Comments on Exhibiting Culture
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