Comments on "The Art of Music:"  The three images selected are moderately interesting when considered together. They are images of the same type of object (namely, drums) drawn from three different cultures. Therefore, it is the visual comparison among the three objects that makes the segment visually interesting. From a conceptual standpoint, the three objects are also interesting. Each drum used symbolism in its artistic design to convey cultural significance just as each is significant in its own culture because of its function in ceremonial activity. The title of this exhibit was also interesting and captured beautifully the theme of the work! The labels conveyed enough information and they fulfilled the expectations set with the introductory statement; specifically that each object has a utilitarian as well as an  artistic value.  Also, the links worked well and dependently with the labels, and the info was appropriately referenced and the exhibit was overall effective. (LD)
The most successful out of the entire class exhibit was "The Art of Music."   Images that were black and white and that showed the piece in complete isolation were chosen deliberately. With this, it is obvious that the curator thought long and hard about how she was going to construct her part of the exhibit, and it definitely paid off. The thematic statement and the label copies were sufficient in information about the function, meaning, and aesthetic qualities of each piece. The theme was very original (as were most of them), and successful also because of the importance of music in the lives of these remote peoples. It could have been improved perhaps with sound in the background available to the person viewing the page, but we couldn’t do everything! (DE)
"Art of Music" was a very interesting exhibit. The choice of objects looked great together. The labels and links were very useful, in making a good connection. This exhibit was short and to the point. (JS)
"The Art of Music," explaining the aesthetic and functional properties of three drums, is extremely effective in fulfilling expectations established in the title and introductory statement. By presenting drums in a similar context and in similar-styled photographs, the images are visually appealing. The labels contributed to the viewer's understanding of linking concepts, as well as explaining use, function, and symbolism. The links were also highly effective in this regard.  (CS)
My favorite image category was the one on musical instruments. It was very effective in emphasizing the different drums as art first, and then showing how they are used within each culture in ceremonies. There was a nice balance between the visual, contextual, and uses in each culture. It was structured so that each part fell together nicely. The idea to include audio examples of the drums was a creative way to show the viewer its use within the context of the cultures. (AW)