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Kwakiutl Wolf Dance (Gunther p.112)
The ceremonial season of the Kwakiutl includes potlatches, feasts, functions, and Winter Dance Ceremonies. Initiations, marriages, feasts, and dramatic performances associated with secret societies were also held during this season (Corbin pp.42-43).   Kwakiutl ceremonies can be divided into social ceremonies that focus on the fulfillment of social obligation or ceremonies performed by secret societies and other dance groups which aim to establish or renew relations between the Kwakiutl and the supernatural (Gunther p.113).   The Kwakiutl employ drums in all of these ceremonies along with masks, costume, song and dance.
The concept of transformation is basic to the Kwakiutl belief system. It involves the those ideas concerning the ability of man to transform into animals or supernatural beings and the reverse. This concept exemplifies the Native American ideal of the oneness of all living creatures (Stewart p.34).