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Below is a listing of the courses I teach most regularly:

Psychology 101. General Psychology, usually taught spring semester.

Psychology 105. Quantitative Methods, taught intermittently. This course teaches basic statistical methods and their underlying logic. The emphasis is on understanding how statistical methods aid in decisions about data and on the practical procedures for using SPSS and other statistical packages to calculate the statistics. At the conclusion of the course, every student should be able to:
1. recognize occasions when statistical methods would be helpful
2. choose the appropriate statistical procedure
3. create a data file
4. use SPSS to calculate the statistics
5. understand the output
6. form a conclusion about the data, based on the statistical analyses

Psychology 145. Psychophysiology, usually taught in the fall semester. Psychophysiology deals with how the activities of the body outside of the central nervous system interact with and produce or are produced by mental states. Topics will include the functioning of the autonomic nervous system and how its functions are measured; its role in emotions and other feelings; lie detection; the impact of stress on autonomic functioning, immune system function and disease; the effects of meditation, exercise and biofeedback on physiology and experience.

Psychology 221. Research in Social Psychology. This is a group apprenticeship in research in which we do serious, potentially publishable research on various social-psychological problems, most commonly involving emotional processes. It is taught most semesters.

Psychology 270. Advanced Topics in Social Psychology. This is a seminar in which students write and present substantial research papers. The specific topic within Social Psychology varies from year to year. Ordinarily taught once a year.