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Selected Publications

Abbeyquaye, T., Raabe, T. and Thackeray, J.R. (2003). Evolution of Gab family adaptor proteins. Gene, 311:43-50.

Mankidy, R., Hastings, J. and Thackeray, J.R. (2003). Distinct PLC-gamma-dependent signaling pathways in the Drosophila eye and wing are revealed by a new small wing allele. Genetics, 164:553-563.

Manning, C., Mathews, W., Fico, L. and Thackeray, J.R. (2003). PLC-gamma contains introns shared by many SH2 domains in unrelated proteins. Genetics, 164:433-442.

Powe, A.C. Jr., Strathdee, D., Cutforth,T., D'Souza-Correia, T., Gaines, P., Thackeray, J., Carlson, J. and Gaul, U. (1999). In vivo functional analysis of Drosophila Gap1: involvement of Ca2+ and IP4 regulation. Mech. Dev. 81(1-2):89-101.

Thackeray, J.R., P.C. Gaines, P. Ebert, and J.C. Carlson. (1998). small wing encodes a phospholipase C-gamma that acts as a negative regulator of R7 development in Drosophila. Development, 125: 5033-5042.

Thackeray, J. R. and B. Ganetzky. (1995). Conserved alternative splicing patterns and splicing signals in the Drosophila sodium channel gene para. Genetics, 141: 203-214.

Thackeray, J. R. and B. Ganetzky. (1994). Developmentally regulated alternative splicing generates a complex array of para sodium channel isoforms in Drosophila. J. Neurosci. 14: 2569-2578.

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