The Extensible Toy Piano Project


The following works have been selected for presentation at the festival based upon the results of the XTP composition competition:

  Composer Title Instrumentation
  Karlheinz Essel Kalimba toy piano + CD playback
  Jeff Morris Portrait toy piano + Max/MSP
  Andrian Pertout Exposiciones Sampled Microtonal Schoenhut Toy Piano
  Howard Kenty confustion (denigrate) live electronics
  Christian Banasik Trimmer toy piano + CD playback
  Thanos Chrysakis Inscape 18 fixed media
  James Bohn Wormwood 2 toy pianos, piano + fixed media
  Phyllis Chen Piece for Toy Piano toy piano + music box
  Atsushi Yoshinaka Bokura no Ayumi (The Footsteps in Our Lives) toy piano + tape + 2 speakers (Japanese & English)
  Matthew Sansom Duo for Toy Piano and Harp harp + live computer processing