XEG Schedule

Evening Concert
@ 7:30 pm, Razzo Recital Hall

Ghostbusters David Claman, Matt Malsky & others David Claman
Sequitur VIII Seth Josel Karlheinz Essl
dazwischer Seth Josel hans w. koch
This is Not a Guitar Chapman Welch Jeff Morris
Cyclic Math Shred Chapman Welch Chapman Welch
The Transit of Venus Michael Thibodeau Matt Malsky
Extended in All Directions Sundar Subramanian Sundar Subramanian
push Michael Nicolella John Fitz Rogers
grey angel Michael Nicolella Christopher DeLaurenti
grab it Michael Nicolella Jacob Ter Veldhuis


Open Listening Session
@ 10 am, TC112

A Sky of Almost Infinite Shadow Peter Terry
Guitar and Newspaper (for Juan Gris) Nolan Stolz
Nautilus & Rejoinder Wes DeMarco
Recomp Mark Cooley


Paper Session
@ 2 pm, TC112

Paper Title
Rethinking Virtuosity: Computer-Mediated Performance & Extended Instruments Thomas Ciufo
The TaurEx: a sensor extended guitar Kevin Patton
The Maturation of Electronic Instruments as Posthuman Computation Instruments   Jeff Morris


Evening Concert
@ 7:30 pm, Razzo Recital Hall

Out of Time (Energy is Form) Brian Knoth and R.A. Fish Brian Knoth
Book of Sins Seth Josel Ulrich Krieger
Transmission Seth Josel Richard Barrett
(Re)Bound Gray Code: Butch Rovan (clarinets), Kevin Patton (guitar), and Fred Kennedy
Gray Code
Silent Movies Thomas Ciufo Thomas Ciufo
The As Usual Dance Towards the Other Flight to What is Not Dither Guitar Quartet: Taylor Levine, James Moore, Simon Kafka & Joshua Lopes Fred Frith
Pantagruel Dither Joshua Lopes
exPAT Dither Eric km Clark
Nothing Changes Dither Simon Kafka