the eXtensible Electric Guitar Festival


XEG video archive of both concerts
with kudos to Anthony Helm for all his help with the video

Featured Performers & Ensembles: Featured Composers
  Dither Guitar Quartet David Claman
  Gray Code Richard Barrett
  Thomas Ciufo Ulrich Krieger
  Seth Josel hans w. koch
  Brian Knoth Fred Frith
  Michael Nicolella Matt Malsky
  Chapman Welch Jeff Morris
  Sundar Subramanian Christopher DeLaurenti
    John Fitz Rogers
    Karlheinz Essl
    Jacob Ter Veldhuis


Since its development in the mid-twentieth century, the electric guitar has had a profound influence on many aspects of music, creating new sounds, spurring the development of new musical styles, and reshaping concepts of musicianship. In the early twenty first century, despite retaining its iconic status as a symbol of innovation and transgression, the electric guitar and its uses now seem commonplace, almost routine; in short, the instrument may be in danger of losing its edge.

The Extensible Electric Guitar Festival aims to rediscover and showcase the electric guitar's spirit of innovation and exploration. To that end we are looking for music and musicians that use the electric guitar in innovative ways and which extend its capabilities. Music which uses the electric guitar as a controller, with electronics and computers, and with multi-media are encouraged. We anticipate having two evening concerts, one in a concert hall setting, another in a club setting. There will also be a day of papers and presentations which consider the electric guitar.