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"Very unique, imaginative, educational and fun act" is The Doctor Stardust Show as described by Speaker & Entertainment Connection, an independent resource guide. Doctor Stardust won the People's Choice Award at the International Jugglers Association Championships. In addition, he has earned a doctorate in Environmental Science. Therefore his is the only show to combine Award-Winning Juggling and high caliber education. His show includes precision juggling, improvisational comedy, and audience participation. He has been described as one of today's most original and creative performance artists. He is the originator of several props and routines such as "The Orbitals". His shows are ideal for corporate parties, educational television, arts festivals and theatrical events. Thousands of all ages have enjoyed his shows. To learn more, call Doctor Stardust and order the Doctor Stardust video!

Please contact me today to talk about what Doctor Stardust can do for your event. You may contact Doctor Stardust via:

  • PHONE (508) 793-7761
  • FAX (508) 793-8881
  • POSTAL MAIL 6 Judith Road, Worcester MA 01602-3213, USA

The non-stage name for Doctor Stardust is Gil Pontius.



The 17-Object Balance: On the theme of the ball and stick models of molecules used in chemistry classes, Doctor Stardust creates the molecular balance with 5 balls, 5 rings, 2 torches, 2 devil sticks, 2 Chinese yo-yos, 1 club and no glue. I balance the construction on my chin, then remove and juggle each object, while maintaining the balance, with the help of a volunteer laboratory assistant.

The Orbitals: This is one of my most original, dramatic, and educational pieces, which helped Doctor Stardust to win the People's Choice Award at the International Jugglers Association Championships. It is too complicated to describe completely, but let me write this, it is 10 feet in diameter, one part of it flies 20 feet in the air and I use it to impersonate a hydrogen atom.

Tribute to the ozone molecule: Doctor Stardust tests the relative natural forces that bind together the three oxygen atoms of the ozone molecule, using three balls and three personally crafted sticks.

The Chinese yo-yo: The choreography of the presentation of this ancient Chinese prop slips, slides, and defies.

The Impossible Balance: While standing upon a wobbly rollabolla (a cylinder & board), one hand spins a plate on the tip of a stick, the head balances a cane with hat perched on top, and the remaining hand juggles.

And, much more, including 4 ball juggling, 5 ball juggling, plate spinning, hat & cane manipulation, and the list goes on, ...  


  • Completed the 26-mile Boston Marathon in 4 hours 35 minutes while juggling
  • People's Choice Award at the International Jugglers Association Championships
  • Rated "Outstanding" on all criteria by Speaker & Entertainment Connection
  • Judge at International Jugglers Association Championships
  • Three-time Diabolo Speed Passing Champion
  • Medalist in Numerous Joggling Races
  • Two-time Club Balancing Champion
  • R.I.T. Best Trick Winner


Thousands have enjoyed the performances of Doctor Stardust. Here is a list of some of the venues:


  • Johnson & Johnson, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge MA
  • United States Environment Protection Agency, Pittsburgh PA
  • APA Corporate Reception at Science Museum, Boston MA
  • Pfizer Incorporated, Central Research Division, Groton CT
  • Science & Humanities Symposium, Shreveport LA
  • Handel & Hayden Society, Boston MA
  • ArcUsers Conference, Worcester MA



  • Sciport Discovery Center, Shreveport LA
  • Fringe Theater Festival, Worcester MA
  • The Orange Show, Boston MA
  • Ruby Slipper, Cambridge MA
  • Midnight Cabaret, Primm NV
  • MOBIUS, Boston MA



  • Hundreds of elementary schools
  • Exploration Summer Program
  • State University of New York / Syracuse and Oswego
  • University of Massachusetts / Amherst
  • The Ohio State University
  • Syracuse University
  • Wheelock College
  • Boston University



  • Marshall+Chalue Medieval Theme Wedding, Leicester MA
  • Pearl+Cornell Wedding, Syracuse NY
  • Kupferman Bar Mitzvah, Albany NY



  • Repeated First Night Celebrations:  Boston MA,  Worcester MA,  and  Quincy MA
  • Spectacle Gala Les Jongleurs Associes du Quebec, Montreal CANADA
  • International Jugglers Association Championships, Rapid Citiy SD
  • European Juggling Festival, Leeds ENGLAND
  • Anti-Gravity Society Festival, New Haven CT
  • King Richard's Renaissance Faire, Carver MA
  • Faneuil Hall Fire Juggling Team, Boston MA
  • Balloon & Air Festival, Quakertown PA
  • Music at the Market, East Hartford CT
  • Fourth of July Parade, Burlington MA
  • Parks & Recreation, Marblehead MA
  • Commons Festival, Mashpee MA
  • Race Unity Day, Columbia MD

It would be a pleasure to add your name to the list.


Indeed, Doctor Stardust has a doctorate. My Ph.D. is in Environmental Science. This background gives me a unique ability to perform what I call edutainment (the integration of award-winning entertainment and top-notch education).

Click to see my scientific curriculum vitae.



The fee for your particular event will depend on the time, location, and type of performance. The best way to determine a fee is for you and I to discuss the needs of your particular event(s). As for some guidelines: if you happen to see me doing a street performance in Boston, the usual fee is at $20 bill placed in my hat at the end of the show (Yes, I am that good.). On the other hand, if you would like for me to go on a world tour of stage shows, I will need an expense account and salary. Most shows are somewhere between those examples, usually less than $1000.  

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