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What is Clark Student Employment?

Information For Undergraduate Students

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What is Clark Student Employment?

Clark Student Employment gives undergraduate students the opportunity to work in a variety of departments on campus and in surrounding community organizations. Student employment positions are designed to help students grow and succeed. In these roles, students are able to utilize their talents as well as acquire new skills that will help them prepare for life after Clark.

Clark University's policies and procedures regarding undergraduate student employment have changed. All Clark undergrads are now eligible to apply for the majority of student employment jobs, regardless of whether they are granted a work-study award. Positions that do require a federal work-study award, like those in the Community-Based Student Employment program, will be noted as "Work study award required" in the individual job posting.

Undergraduate Students

The LEEP Center is now managing Student Employment postings through the Clark Recruiter database. You will log into the Clark Recruiter via your ClarkYou account. Please read the instructions carefully on how to search for current openings.

In order to apply for student employment positions, you will need to submit a LEEP Center approved resume. To do this, you are required to upload a resume to your Clark Recruiter account. Please learn how to do so through the instructions provided.

The Student Employee Handbook outlines policies and expectations governing student employees at Clark University. If you are seeking employment on campus, or currently working on campus, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these policies. Supervisors will review general Clark policies, as well as department policies, when you begin work.

Questions about student employment paperwork and payroll should be directed to the Financial Aid office: or x7783.

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Please note the above information pertains to undergraduate students only. Graduate students should refer to the graduate job directory for openings or contact their individual departments with questions; graduate students with questions about paperwork, pay dates, etc. should contact Lynne St. George at 508-793-7438 or Barbara Kokoski at 508-793-7641 in the payroll office.

Hiring Managers

Postings for Clark Student undergraduate employment positions will now be managed by the LEEP Center through the Clark Recruiter database. If your department wishes to hire an undergraduate student, please follow the instructions regarding registering for an account in the database and posting positions. The Financial Aid office will no longer manage a separate jobs directory for undergraduate students. Please note that this information pertains only to undergraduate student employment.

The Supervisor Handbook outlines policies and best practices for supervising student employees. It is the responsibility of every hiring manager to follow these guidelines.

Questions about hiring/paperwork should still be directed to the Financial Aid office: or x7783.

Questions about supervising students should be directed to the Human Resources office at

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