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So you're considering an Internship?

Let us help guide you! Interning is a great way to build professional skills, gain career-related work experience, explore your interests, network, and even receive academic credit or earn money. There are many opportunities for pursuing internships at Clark.

  1. Meet with your LEEP Center Adviser.  LEEP Center Advisers will teach you how to search for an internship that fits your interests and will help you discover internship opportunities in the local community or across the globe. Appointments are scheduled through our new online system.
  2. Attend on-campus fairs. At the beginning of each semester the LEEP Center hosts a fair to allow businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies to connect with Clark students.
    1. Volunteer and Internship Fair – Held at the beginning of the fall semester, this fair includes local community partners and employers who offer volunteer and internship positions.
    2. Career and Internship Fair – Held in February, this fair features over 35 for-profit, non-profit and government agencies interested in hiring Clark students for internships or full time employment.
  3. Contact professors. Faculty are a great resource for information on internship opportunities both within and beyond Clark. If you have a professor whose class or subject matter is of particular interest, be sure to reach out and ask them about internships and connections.
  4. Check department websites. Many Clark departments maintain a list of internship opportunities on their webpages. The administrative assistant in the department may be able to answer questions that you have.
  5. Look into Clark internship awards. Many internships are unpaid; however, there are sources of funding available. Examples include the Barth Internship award, the Harrington Fellowship, the Lois and Robert Green Internship and LEEP Project awards. Pay close attention to application deadlines which may be several months before the start of the internship.
  6. Interested in receiving academic credit for your internship? Career Services oversees the Academic Internship Prpogram. Find policies and application materials here.