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So you're thinking of Learning Abroad?

It's time to start exploring your options! Learning abroad is an excellent way to introduce yourself to new cultures, brush up on your language skills, and gain global experience. Aside from the cultural benefit, learning abroad also offers students the opportunity to live, study, and grow independently while honing their interpersonal skills. The options for learning abroad are varied and exciting, so be sure to consider the kind of abroad experience you are looking for and the way that studying abroad will help you to fulfill your own personal and professional goals as you search for the opportunity that's right for you.

  1. Start by attending a Study Abroad 101 session.  This is the required first step and will help you understand the study abroad process.  Study Abroad 101 sessions for this semester can be found on the Study Abroad website
  2. Drop in to ask individual questions.  Current drop-in hours can be found here.
  3. Consult with Study Abroad staff.  They will help guide you to a program that matches your personal and academic interests.
  4. Think about how long you want to be abroad. Clark offers both semester long and yearlong abroad options in a variety of countries.  Consider your goals in going abroad. If you are looking to master a language, yearlong trips may be right for you! If you want a brief taste of another culture, you may prefer a shorter stay.
  5. Consider a short-term study abroad program.  If you are not sure you want to commit a full semester or year to studying abroad, you may want to look into the Henry J. Leir May Term program in Luxembourg or non-Clark short term and summer abroad programs.
  6. Consider a short-term service abroad trip. If you're interested in service-learning programs, this option may be for you! Clark offers short-term service trips such as the CAST trip, the Timmy Global Health trip, and others. Talk to the Community Engagement office about service opportunities abroad.
  7. Enroll in a course with a faculty-led abroad option.  Academic Advising can help you identify these courses.