The Clark libraries listed below provide extensive resources for student and faculty research and learning across all disciplines.

Academic Commons at Goddard Library »

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Named for Dr. Robert Goddard, the Clark physicist who invented the rocket technology that made space travel possible, the University's main library consists of a cutting-edge facility for research, teaching and learning by centralizing academic and research support services for students and faculty. It provides traditional and electronic resources, including:

  • Goddard's collection of more than 375,000 volumes
  • 275,000 monographs
  • subscriptions to 1,500 periodicals
  • full Internet access
  • nearly 50 subject-specific databases and a public online catalog available 24-hours a day
  • archives and special collections

Carlson Science Library »

Library Hours | Location: The Sackler Sciences Center

The Carlson Science Library, a branch of Goddard Library, serves the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics. It provides:

  • full Internet access
  • selected science journals
  • monographs
  • subject-specific databases

Guy Burnham Map and Aerial Photography Library »

Library Hours | Location: The Geography Building

Founded in 1921, the Map Library is an active cartographic information center containing:

  • more than 200,000 maps and aerial photographs
  • atlases
  • journals
  • globes
  • map reference materials
  • tourist information
  • U.S. government maps, available thanks to Clark's depository agreement with the U.S. Government Printing Office

Jeanne X. Kasperson Research Library »

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The Jeanne X. Kasperson Research Library offers one of the most extensive research collections in North America on environmental risk and hazards, and human dimensions of global environmental change. In addition we have holdings on the subjects of:

  • international development
  • technology
  • water and energy policy
  • hazards and global environmental change

The collection includes books, monographs, databases, journals, newsletters, government documents and technical reports. The cataloged collection can be accessed through Clark University's Goddard Library Voyager system. The Library staff is happy to help you find relevant materials for your research papers, theses or dissertations.

Language Arts Resource Center »

The Language Arts Resource Center houses a collection of materials that support foreign language learning and teaching, including:

  • audiocassettes
  • CDs, CD-ROMs, videos, DVDs and software and a computer station for same
  • audio booths
  • VCR and DVD stations
  • news broadcasts from around the world via SCOLA (Satellite Communications for Learning)

Peace Studies Library »

Library Hours: Most afternoons Monday through Friday, but specific hours change every semester.
(508) 793-7663 | Contact Us

The Peace Studies Library, located in Room 201 of Jonas Clark Hall, houses many materials and resources that are useful to all students, especially those concentrating in Peace Studies. In addition to more than 3,000 books on a great variety of topics ranging from Gandhi to Politics of War, there are more than 100 videos and DVDs, as well as subscriptions to30 journals and magazines.

Doing a research paper? Be sure to look in the file cabinets on specific topics ranging from abortion to youth peace building, countries, and dozens of peace and justice organizations. Books and videos are available to be checked out for up to one month at a time.

Rose Library »

Rose Library Hours | Location: Cohen Lasery House

The Rose Library in Cohen-Lasry House holds the Diana Bartley Collection. Diana Bartley, a New York financial consultant, journalist, and book collector, donated her 1,800-volume collection to the Center. The collection now contains approximately 3,500 books and materials on the Holocaust, many dating from 1933 to 1947. It was assembled over a 10-year period and continues to grow with acquisitions including registers of Jewish survivors of World War II, German foreign policy documents, allied military plans, artwork illustrating anti-Semitism and photographs taken during the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. The collection covers Holocaust:

  • history
  • sociology
  • photography
  • memoirs
  • fiction
  • poetry
  • plays
  • psychology
  • religion

Many others have donated books to the Rose Library and there are increasing numbers of books relating to genocide in the twentieth century and the Armenian genocide. It will be kept intact permitting users to browse through the volumes of many different disciplines.

Traina Center Resource Library »

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The Traina Center for the Arts features a Resource Library which houses the department's collection of 16mm and 35mm films, Blu-Ray, DVD, VHS, audio CD, and 35mm slides. The library also features a number of media stations, PCs, digitization equipment and a group study room that seats up to 5 people. All items in the collection must be used within the library unless prior arangements have been made with a Visual and Performing Arts faculty member or librarian. Please be ready to present your Clark ID when visiting.

Women's and Gender Studies Library

Library Hours: Monday - Thursday from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. | Contact Us
Location: The WGS Library is located in Jefferson Academic Center 5th floor tower.

The WGS library houses the department's extensive collection of books, videos, DVDs, journals, and magazines. The library is organized by category covering topics such as:

  • aging
  • family
  • lesbians
  • human rights
  • body image
  • health
  • poverty

In addition, there are many articles arranged by country and topic. Books are available for loan for up to two weeks at a time.